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Hitting the Road to Hear from You

Bradley Byrne

By Congressman Bradley Byrne

As your Congressman, it’s vital for me to have a finger on the pulse of our district, to be in the community listening to your concerns so I can better represent your voice in Washington. I said that if elected, I would work hard every day to earn the trust you have placed in me with your vote. That’s why I announced a series of 15 town hall meetings across our district. Last week, I traveled to Mobile, Baldwin, Washington, Monroe, and Escambia Counties to hear from you directly.

As I listened to your concerns, many common themes began to emerge. More than anything, however, I heard loud and clear that folks in Southwest Alabama are concerned with the consistent and systematic overreach from this Administration. The Founding Fathers designed our government to act in such a way that no one branch could overwhelm the other, instituting a system of checks and balances. However, this President has operated in a manner that skirts this constitutional design, utilizing executive orders rather than working with Congress. It’s why I cosponsored the Faithful Execution of the Law Act, which restores constitutional balance to the executive branch by targeting the Administration’s selective enforcement of the law.

I also heard this week from you about reining in our out-of-control debt, promoting conservative immigration principles and not amnesty, fixing our broken flood insurance system, and taking care of our veterans who come back home from risking their lives for our freedoms. These are all issues on which I can have a direct influence as your voice in Washington. I have already taken steps to do so, voting against fiscally irresponsible spending and debt ceiling bills, advocating against amnesty, and working hard to represent the interests of our veterans. In addition, next week the House will vote on a delay to changes in the flood insurance program to protect vulnerable families from skyrocketing rate increases.

I want to continue to work hard to get out into our community and hear from you directly. These may have been the first town hall discussions that I hosted as your Congressman, but they are far from the last. Thank you to those who took the time to get involved in the democratic process and let me know how I can better represent you. I hope we can work together as a community to promote positive ideas that will create and protect jobs and improve the quality of life for all Americans.

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U.S. Rep. Bradley Byrne is a Republican who represents Alabama's 1st Congressional District.



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