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Lawmakers Addresses Pro-Life Rally

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Over 130 Pro-Life activists rallied in front of the Alabama State House on Tuesday with numerous state legislators making appearances.
The Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard (R) from Auburn addressed the group.  Speaker Hubbard said to the group and then on Facebook, “As long as liberal Supreme Court justices hold up Roe V. Wade as the law of the land, we will dare defend the right to life in Alabama. And what a difference four years makes. With a Republican Majority, we have reversed course and right to life legislation is not only prioritized it is passed, and it is signed into law. Today, the House Health Committee passed four more major pieces of legislation that will continue our efforts to advance the culture of life in our great state.”
Speaker Hubbard told the activists, “We dare defend our rights in Alabama.”  “We stand firm with you.”  Hubbard said that the Republican Super-majority supports the Pro-Life movement, but “There is one that stands up above all the rest.”  “She has been a stalwart for Pro-Life.  That is Mary Sue McClurkin of Shelby County.  We are going to miss you in the legislature, but that fight for life will continue in the Alabama legislature.”
Cheryl Ciamarra with the Alabama Citizens for Life said, “That is the kind of leadership that we have and we really appreciate it.”
Ciamarra said that the Pro-Life movement and this event was supported by a number of organizations across the state including: Alabama Citizens for Life, the Alabama Alliance Against Abortion, ALCAP, the Alabama Legislative Watchdogs, the Archdiocese of Mobile, the Christian Coalition of Life, the Conservative Christians of Alabama, 40 days for Life, the Foundation for Moral Law, the Knights of Columbus, Lutherans for Life, Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church, the Rainy Day Patriots, St. Clair Save a Life, the United for Life Foundation, etc.
Andrew Brasher with the Alabama Attorney General’s office addressed the crowd. “I am a lawyer and I work for the attorney general.”  Brasher said that he spent the last 8 months in court working to defend Alabama Pro-Life legislation.  Brasher said that Attorneys for the ACLU and Planned Parenthood are working in their offices in New York to find ways to attack Pro-Life legislation in Alabama.  Brasher said that Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange will be on the right side of that fight.  “Children are a gift from God.”  “The ACLU and Planned Parenthood want a fight and we will give them one.”
Rep. Paul Lee (R) said, “It is an honor to be here today.”  Lee told the group that they can pass Pro-Life legislation, because of decisions you made when you go to the polls.  Lee is sponsoring an Adoption tax credit bill that gives a tax credit for families that go through the adoption process.  Lee said that abortion proponents, “Will not say they are pro-abortion they say they are Pro-Choice.  You and I are Pro-Choice.  The difference is that we believe that choice is 9 months earlier.”
Cheryl Ciamarra said, “We really believe a $1000 tax credit will help.”
Ciamarra said that Rep. Becky Nordgren (R) is carrying a healthcare workers conscience protection bill.  Ciamarra said that Mary Sue McClurkin is the queen of Pro-life legislation. Ciamarra is seeking McClurkin’s House District 43 seat.  Rep. McClurkin is not seeking re-election.
Rep. McCLurkin said, “I appreciate your support through the years.”  “I appreciate the life bills passed by the legislature and signed by Dr. Governor Bentley.  I appreciate the Speaker and the leadership he is given in this regard.
McClurkin said that she is currently sponsoring a bill which forbids abortions where the baby’s heart is detected by doctors.  “It is very important for us not to kill a live beating heart.”
Ciamarra said, “She is why I want to see a Pro-Life representative in my district.”
Rep. Kerry Rich (R) said. “It is especially good to see all these young folks here today.”  Rich sponsored the Pain Capable bill in 2011. Rep. Rich said, “The liberal would tell you that we are all insignificant that it doesn’t matter much.  Scripture says that God knew me knew you before the foundation of the earth.  God intended for all of these babies to live that is why I am Pro-Life.  We will fight until Row v. Wade is overturned.
Rep. Ed Henry (R) said that there is a battle going on.  Henry said there is a “Scar on my soul” from where he and his wife aborted their first child.  “Anything I can do to prolong that act and give that individual time to think I will do with fervor and passion.”  Henry is sponsoring legislation to require a 48-hour waiting period before an abortion.
Alabama State Senator Gerald Dial (R) from Lineville told the group, “I am proud of my 100% Pro-Life voting record.  I have been in the legislature for 36 years and have had a 100% Pro-Life voting record.”  Dial said that he also was sponsoring legislation to put the Ten Commandments in Alabama schools.  “I need you help and would like to serve four more years.”
Ciamarra introduced Scott Beason (R) as, “Our champion in the Senate.”
Senator Beason said, “God made each and every one of us in his image.  Society has forgotten those things.  It is amazing to me that we have people that think it is ok to kill those babies in the womb. It is unbelievable to me
Sen. Beason denounced, “Jack legged nutty judges who think they are the legislature.”
Ciamarra said that Beason would, “Be a congressman that can stand up for our rights and our freedom.”
Rep. Kurt Wallace is the sponsor of the Perinatal bill. He said, “Our culture is saying that a life that is not perfect is worthless and they say kill it.”  Wallace said that his bill provides for information to be given to the parents when a fetal abnormality is diagnosed by doctors.  “God can change what that doctor says at 18-20 weeks.”  “Only God gives life.”
Ciamarra recognized Rep. Jim McClendon (R) for his 100% Pro-Life voting record.  Ciamarra told St. Clair County voters that McClendon is running for the state Senate. “Tell them we need to keep McClendon and make him Senator McClendon.”
Senator J.T. “Jabo” Wagoner told the rally participants, “You have made a difference on this Pro-Life issue and you will continue to make a diference.  You have a lot of friends on the fifth and seventh floors of this building.”  “Thank you for what you are doing.  We will take care of the pro-Life issue with your support.”
Ciamarra said, “(Representative) John Merrill has a 100% Pro-Life record.  He carried our personhood amendment in the Alabama House.”
Rep. Merrill said. “It was my honor.  It was my duty to carry that bill.”  Merrill vowed that as long as he in a position of power he will do everything possible to protect life.
Pamela Sweeney told the group, “I was raped when I was younger.”  Sweeney said that she was abused as a child.  As a 15 years old, “I knew that I was having two babies,” and she thought about having those babies killed, but the “Spirit of God” came over here and convinced her not to kill her children.  “Now I have two wonderful children.”  “All of us are brothers and sisters in Christ and we should care about what he cares about.”

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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