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Paul Speaks to ALGOP in Mobile

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Kentucky Senator and one of the early frontrunners in the 2016 Presidential Race, Rand Paul (R) spoke to a group of Mobile Republicans and businessmen on Monday at a breakfast round table.

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead was at Monday’s event and said in a written statement, “Sen. Rand Paul proved to be a very eloquent and informed senator this morning as he met with business leaders in the Mobile/Baldwin County area who are supportive of the Alabama Republican Party. Senator Paul has been at the forefront of the Republican fight to protect the rights of citizens and to stand in the gap against the overreach of the federal government. He not only knows the issues facing the nation today, but he has common sense solutions to get our country back on track.”

The popular ALGOP Chairman said, “One of the common sense issues that Sen. Paul spoke of was how ObamaCare is affecting the average person. He pointed out that it was a travesty that you can now receive free birth control and diet pills under ObamaCare but in some instances you cannot get proper cancer treatment. Sen. Paul predicted that there will be major insurance premium increases this summer, which could lead to more Americans voting for Republicans in the mid-term elections. He predicted that Republicans will gain the 6 seats needed to win control of the U.S. Senate.”

Chairman Armistead concluded, “Sen. Paul is one of several nationally recognized Republican leaders who will be coming to Alabama in the coming months. Since we moved our presidential primary up to March, many of the candidates who are considering running for President will be coming to our state.”

According to a brief synopsis generously provided by ALGOP of Sen. Rand Paul’s roundtable discussion this morning:  Senator Paul said the biggest problem currently facing the federal budget is entitlement spending, which is nearly two-thirds of the federal budget. Paul said that he suggested to President Obama and Vice-President Biden that they all work together like President Reagan and Tip O’Neill did on a variety of issues.

The nation faces Medicare unfunded liabilities of $35-45 trillion and now we are adding more through ObamaCare.  Senator Paul said that he would have voted to increase the debt ceiling initially if a balanced budget amendment was included.  Paul was adamant that entitlements must be reduced.

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Sen. Paul gave the example that the government was paying $3 million in advertising for a water skiing squirrel to promote walnut sales. Congress voted 300-90 to keep the funding for the ad. Senator Paul rhetorically asked, “If we cannot cut $3 million for a squirrel how can we cut entitlements?”

Senator Paul said that number one priority of the federal government should be national defense.  Paul suggested that cutting taxes will stimulate the economy and is the only way to increase jobs.

The Kentucky Senator said that the Republican Party should be bold on the economy. Federal funds have restrictions, he said, and we should require photo IDs to vote or receive welfare.

Rand Paul is a doctor and the son of Congressman Ron Paul (R) who ran unsuccessfully for President as a Republican in 2012 and 2008

Written By

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.


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