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Rogers Supports Jettisoning IRS

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

U.S. Representative Mike Rogers (R) from Saks wrote a column recently attacking the IRS and demanding reforms.

Congressman Rogers wrote, “Tax Day, April 15th, is a day so many East Alabamians despise. Every year around this time, folks prepare their taxes and dread the complications and confusion that come along with them.  But to truly understand how broken the tax code is and to see just how much working Americans pay in taxes, let’s talk about April 21st. That’s the day, according to the non-partisan Tax Foundation, on which working Americans, as a group, will have earned enough money to pay the nation’s collective tax bill, which includes all Federal, state and local taxes.”

Rep. Rogers said, “Americans spend about 30 percent of our total national income on taxes. Some people pay more, some much less. The Tax Foundation also found that, collectively, Americans will spend more on taxes than they spend on housing, food and clothing combined.  It raises the question of why the president is proposing even more new taxes – totaling $1.75 trillion – over the next decade.  Washington doesn’t have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem. It’s got a terrible, jobs-killing tax code too. It is no wonder so many people feel they are taxed enough already.”

The Third District Congressman said,

“Working Americans that feel like they’re spending so much of their working lives paying the tax bill. Small businesses are being squeezed. The taxes and penalties alone associated with the Affordable Care Act are forcing the small business owners into making increasingly difficult tradeoffs. These regulations have also made the tax code even more complex. When Obamacare’s regulations force small business owners to choose between layoffs or reduced wages, it is working families that end up suffering the most….It is the IRS that is now in charge of enforcing much of Obamacare – the same IRS that has used its power to suppress the First Amendment rights of groups seeking to advocate for conservative policies.  So I believe we should just scrap the tax code altogether.”

Rep. Rogers said, “As a strong supporter of H.R. 352, the Tax Code Termination Act, I think it’s long past time to set a termination date for the burdensome tax code and make Congress come up with something better – something fairer and simpler to replace the old one. While we’re at it, let’s take that opportunity and get rid of the IRS once and for all.”

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Many legislators are supporting a variety of reforms to the tax code.  Sixth District Congressional Candidate Tom Vigneulle (R) recently announced his support for the Fair Tax.

Vigneulle told ‘The Alabama Political Reporter’ that he supports the Fair Tax because it gets rid of the odorous IRS and their 71,000 rules and regulations including the threat of audit.  Vigneulle said that the Fair Tax is a common sense solution that transfers power from politicians and lobbyists to the people.

The Fair Tax would replace the complex variety of taxes with a 23% national sales tax.  The Fair Tax is just one proposal being discussed to replace the existing income tax if the Tax Code Termination Act were passed.

Rogers is seeking a seventh term in the United States Congress representing East Alabama.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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