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Strange Campaigns in Moody

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Tuesday, July 22, prominent St. Clair County Republicans held a fundraiser in Moody at the Red Diamond complex off of Park Avenue for Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange (R), who is seeking re-election.

AG Strange said that his roots run deep in St. Clair County.  His Grandfather’s farm was just down the road and his family still owns land today in the county just north of the town of Ashville.  Strange said that someday he hopes to return to St. Clair County.

AG Strange thanked retired St. Clair District Attorney Van Davis (R) who was present at the event for his service to the AG’s office in a sensitive and very important matter.

Davis has been the acting Attorney General in the ongoing public corruption investigation matter, widely reported on by the Alabama Political Reporter as the Lee County public corruption investigation. That investigation has already led to state Representative Greg Wren (R) from Montgomery’s resignation and guilty plea for using is office for public gain.  State Representative Barry Moore (R) from Enterprise has been indicted for perjury and giving false statements to investigators.  It is possible that more indictments could come from the grand jury.  Strange has recused himself from supervising the investigation because of ties to some of the people likely being investigated.

Luther thanked the organizers and sponsors of the event including: Red Diamond, Randy Smith, Lyman Lovejoy, St. Clair County District Attorney Richard Minor (R), St. Clair County Circuit Clerk Annette Manning (R), the law firm of Hill, Weiskopf, & Hill, Alabama Republican Executive Committee member Paul Thibado, and attorney John W. Rea.

Strange awarded a citation to St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Gary Cone for his 36 years of service.  Cone was pleased to receive the award and thanked his wife for being there over the years.  Cone is retiring in just a few weeks.

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Strange said that we should give an award to all the law enforcement wives.

Strange also thanked Red Diamond President Bill Bowron for hosting the event and for his kind introduction of Strange.

Bowron said that Luther Strange’s wife grew up on Bowron’s street and he has known both of the Stranges for many years.  Bowron urged the Republicans gathered there to support Strange’s re-election.

Strange also mentioned the victory on Tuesday before the D.C. Court of Appeals challenging a key aspect of the controversial Obamacare legislation.

AG Strange said, “I have an opponent: Joe Hubbard.  He is a young guy.  From the entire State of Alabama and there is 4.8 million people in this state and out of that he was only able to raise $10,000.  The Poarch Creek Indians however have donated $one million to Hubbard’s campaign.

In the announcement for the event attorney John W. Rea wrote, “We hope you are able to attend, and more importantly, we hope you are able to contribute to this great cause to make sure a true conservative remains as Attorney General. Luther has fought for the citizens of St. Clair County and Alabama as he continues the fight against many of the unconstitutional actions taken by those in Washington, DC.”

Red Diamond is a closely held Alabama Company based in Moody at a 65 acre landscaped campus that includes the corporate headquarters, warehouse, and production facilities.  Red Diamond moved to St. Clair County after it was unable to acquire land to grow at its aging Birmingham facility.

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Bill Bowron explained that pipes catch all the runoff water on the Red Diamond campus and that water then flows into the impressive lake beside the corporate headquarters.  Red Diamond then draws its irrigation water from the lake, which is also fed by a natural spring.  Bowron said that it is a pleasure to come to work each day at such a nice facility.

AG Luther Strange (R) will face state Representative Joe Hubbard (D) from Montgomery in the general election on November 4.


Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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