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Zeigler to Launch Auditor Campaign at Cullman GOP Breakfast Saturday

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

With another football season ushered in and Labor Day behind us, Summer ends and Campaign season begins. State Auditor Republican nominee Jim Zeigler announced on Monday, September 1, that he is kicking off his general election campaign this Saturday at the Cullman County Republican breakfast.

The former Alabama Public Service Commissioner won the Republican nomination in the July Republican Runoff and faces a Democrat opponent, Miranda Karrine Joseph, in the Nov. 4 general election.

Zeigler warned in a written statement that his real opponent is: “Lack of awareness that there is an election for auditor. Lack of interest in State Auditor. Thinking that Zeigler has already won because of the large vote percentage in the primary. Voting during the middle of football season. Sadly, we are expecting a poor voter turnout Nov. 4. There are only a few strongly contested races on the Cullman ballot.”

The breakfast meeting is open to the public. The breakfast and social begin at 7:30 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 6th at the Cullman Elks Lodge, 1608 Brantley Avenue N.W. The meeting and Zeigler’s address will begin at 8:15. Both purchase of the Breakfast and the coffee is optional.

No reservations are required.

Zeigler said, “I am telling people that the State Auditor can be important. I have a plan to turn the State Auditor into something that it has not been – a strong monitor of how our tax dollars are spent in Montgomery…State government has wasteful spending, unconstitutional spending, duplication, mismanagement, unauthorized spending and low priority spending.”

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Zeigler said that he has a way to serve as a monitor of spending in Montgomery, which the Auditor does not now do. “There would be enough money for the employee pay raise and to fully fund our state prison system if we cut out unnecessary spending.”

“I am applying for the open job of State Auditor. You, the voters, are the employer and I am the job applicant. I hope you will read my job application. It is online at”

Zeigler has run for numerous offices in the State as both a Republican and early in his career as a Democrat. Zeigler is now an elder care attorney working with seniors and Veterans across the State to protect their savings and homes from being taken by the government in the event that they have to go into a nursing home.

Zeigler is a conservative blogger for the Christian Coalition of Alabama and Zeigler lives in Mobile County.

Zeigler’s opponent is Miranda Karrine Joseph, a Shelby County Auditor. Joseph said recently on Facebook, “To all of my Republican, Tea Party, and Libertarian friends you don’t have to vote a straight party ticket. You can vote for Miranda Joseph for Auditor and no one will know That’s the beauty of voting, who you vote for and how you vote is your business only… so on November 4th, go to the ballot and vote for me! Why wouldn’t you vote for a CERTIFIED AUDITOR to be your next State Auditor??? It’s time to stand up for what’s right… MIRANDA JOSEPH is right for this job… and to all my Democratic friends, thanks for your continued support!!”

Joseph has previously run for auditor unsuccessfully in 2010 against incumbent auditor, Samantha Shaw. Shaw is prohibited from running again due to term limits.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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