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Sessions Says that Senate Dems Are Colluding With White House On Executive Amnesty

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Friday, September 5, U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R) from Alabama denounced Senate Democrats for colluding with the administration of President Barack Hussein Obama and it’s plan to offer Executive amnesty to millions of illegal aliens while opening up the immigrations process by executive fiat after the November elections.

Senator Sessions said, “A sovereign nation establishes rules about who can enter, work, and live within its borders. In every imaginable way, the President has worked to dismantle these rules—on the border, in our courts, through our visa system, through our asylum system, through our exit-entry system. And with this planned executive action, the President proposes to scrub away what remains of these rules. And Senate Democrats will have been partners in its commission.”

Senator Session responded to an announcement from President Obama that the proposed amnesty would come after the November election.  Sen. Sessions said, “President Obama has openly reaffirmed his unconstitutional plan to nullify our nation’s sovereign laws, issuing executive amnesty and work permits to millions of illegal immigrants. In so doing, he will wipe away American workers’ lawful immigration protections.  Illegal workers will be instantly allowed to take precious jobs directly from struggling Americans in every occupation in America.  Countless more unlawful workers will pour across the border and overstay their visas.  These executive actions will incentivize a tsunami of illegality.”

Sen. Sessions said, “President Obama’s announcement that this would come only after the midterm elections is of course an attempt to protect the Senate Democrat incumbents who have enabled President’s Obama lawless immigration decrees every step of the way. This White House, and this Senate Democrat Conference, view everyday Americans – who want their laws enforced and their borders controlled – with contempt.  They believe our nation’s immigration policy should be decided by a handful of the world’s most elite CEOs and most powerful open borders lobbyists, operating in secrecy and outside our open governmental process.”

Sen. Sessions continued, “Not one Senate Democrat has supported the House bill to stop this executive action and demanded that Leader Reid bring it to a vote.  Every Senate Democrat is therefore the President’s direct partner in this lawless scheme.  The remedy now is for the American voter to send a message that will thunder through the halls of Congress.  Though President Obama and his Senate Democrats refuse to believe so, the American citizen is still in charge of this government and this country.”

Sen. Sessions said, “The only thing that is more shocking than Senate Democrats’ support for the President’s planned executive amnesty is the cravenness of asking him to proceed beginning the day after the midterms. Once again, powerful politicians are colluding with powerful interest groups to deny you, the American citizen, the protection of your laws and your voice in government. They don’t care what you want, or what you think—they scorn and mock our good and decent citizens for wishing their laws to be enforced. Never in recent memory has the divide between the everyday citizen, and the political elite, been as wide as it is now.”

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Sen. Session said that proposed executive amnesty, “Would include work authorization for millions of people who entered illegally or illegally overstayed a visa—allowing them to compete for any job in America. His planned action would also reportedly include a massive boost to the already-huge supply of low-wage labor brought into the U.S. for large corporations.”

The decision to postpone the amnesty that some immigrant groups had hoped would come before the end of summer follows polling that shows the American people are overwhelmingly opposed to the President making immigration law without Congress.

A recent Rasmussen Report found that 62% of Likely U.S. Voters oppose the president granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants without the approval of Congress. Just 26 percent are in favor of Obama’s plan, while 12 percent reported that they are undecided.  Only 24% think the president has the legal authority to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants without Congress’ approval. 57 percent reported that they believe the president does not have the legal right to act on immigration without agreement from Congress, while 18 percent are undecided.

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions is a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and is the Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee.

Written By

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.


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