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Expect More Fake Outrage from the Hubbard/Riley Spin Machine


By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

MONTGOMERY—Henry T. “Sonny” Reagan’s brash attempt to tarnish the Lee County Grand Jury and its lead prosecutor, Matt Hart, is yet another ploy by allies of Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard and those alined with former Gov. Bob Riley, to cast doubt and sow confusion into the investigations of Hubbard and his colleagues.

Unfortunately, Hart and Acting Attorney General W. Van Davis are bound by rules that do not allow them to answer Reagan’s accusation.

On September 19, Davis made it publicly known that they have evidence that Reagan leaked Grand Jury information to “individuals affiliated with people indicted or under investigation,” and also “took other action to impede or obstruct the investigation.”

Davis made it perfectly clear that they believe Reagan has taken serious actions to undermine a criminal investigation of some of the most powerful politicos in the State.

It appears that Reagan and his attorney have crafted a tissue of lies into a narrative, its sole purpose: to make it appear that the Lee County investigation is out of control.

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The investigation is not out of control. What is out of control is the incessant spinning by those who are paid to defend criminals.

A recent email from a colleague illuminates what is actually taking place:

“Matt Hart must have some pretty damning evidence on Mike if he’s attacking the guy’s credibility. When I was in law school, an old professor told me, ‘If you’re strong on the law….. pound on the law.  If you’re strong on the facts…… pound on the facts.  If you’re strong on neither…… just pound on the damn table!’ In a grand jury indictment proceeding, if Hubbard is strong on neither…his only option is to pound on the prosecutor.”

Last week, in his letter, Reagan called for a Special Prosecutor to investigate the “dispute” that he claims he has with Hart.

Gubernatorial candidate Parker Griffith has called for Governor Bentley to appoint a Special Prosecutor to take over the Lee County Grand Jury. Both statements are political, and designed to cast a shadow over these very important hearings.

Both Reagan and Griffith should be denied their requests because they are based on a self-serving political scheme, not a true desire to see justice served. Has our State not had enough lies and double dealing from Hubbard and the Riley machine?

This week we can expect more calls for Special Prosecutors and even a Federal intervention. This again is designed to create a smoke screen for the guilty to hide behind. This is the Hubbard/Riley plan to taint the public corruption investigation in Lee County.

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Most of the media has aided in the Reagan narrative, even to the point of allowing one of Hubbard’s criminal defense attorneys to comment on the story, calling Reagan’s actions courageous.

There is nothing brave or honorable about Reagan’s actions. There is nothing valorous about taking the Fifth before a Grand Jury investigating public corruption when you are an officer of the court.

As described by Davis, Reagan’s actions would appear to be criminal. Why is the press allowing someone who may have committed heinous acts against the people of Alabama have an unchallenged say in a news story? Why would the press not point out that these statements are not facts, but statements from a man who the Acting Attorney General says has tried to obstruct a criminal investigation.

Not only has Davis made this clear, but the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals thought that the evidence against Reagan was so damning that it unsealed Grand Jury testimony so that Attorney General Luther Strange could see for himself. Upon seeing the evidence Strange placed Reagan on administrative leave for the “good of the department.”

Expect Reagan to be fired from his job soon and to be indicted by his own office.

Also expect Hubbard, Riley and their attorney’s to keep howling like jackals.

That is a given.

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Bill Britt is editor-in-chief at the Alabama Political Reporter and host of The Voice of Alabama Politics. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.



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