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Palmer Vows to Work to Restore Constitutional Government

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Thursday, October 23, Gary Palmer, the Republican candidate for the Sixth Congressional District, addressed the Alabama Constitutional Conservatives, who were having a candidates forum at the historic Depot in Leeds.

Greater Birmingham area talk radio host introduced Palmer as an excellent man, an excellent Alabamian and the next Congressman of the Sixth Congressional District.

Palmer told the group that this election is about whether we still believe in the U.S. Constitution and the ideals of the Revolution or if we believed in an all-powerful Federal government that controls everything that we do out of Washington.

Palmer quoted Ronald Reagan, “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny.” Palmer said, “I do believe that. This is a pivotal election. We have an opportunity to send good people to the House of Representatives. We have an opportunity to send good people to the Senate.”

If the Republicans can take back control of the Senate, Senator Richard Shelby (R) will be the head of the Senate Appropriations Committee and Senator Jeff Sessions (R) will be the head of the Budget Committee. There is possibility that Republicans could control as many as 245 seats in the House 52 to 55 in the Senate.

This could be the beginning of the long road to get our country back, Palmer said.

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Palmer said that the first thing we need is economic growth. There are 90 million people not working; that is more than ever in the history of this country.

Palmer pledged to work towards the restoration of constitutional government. The President is violating the Constitution. The judiciary is violating the Constitution and Congress is violating the Constitution.

Palmer said that Nancy Pelosi (D from California) said that we have to pass this bill to know whats in it. She was telling the truth. Congress is passing bills that are so nebulously written that they empower some federal agency to write the regulations that will actually be the law and then they say that “You can’t blame us.”

Palmer said that any major regulation should have to be passed by a vote of both Houses of Congress. Meanwhile the President thinks he has a magic pen. He thinks he can write law. He thinks he can make 12 million people, who are here illegally, legal immigrants; if not citizens. Article I of the Constitution gives that power to Congress. The President doesn’t have that power.

Palmer said that the President has taken this country to a place that we did not even imagine was possible.

Palmer said that we also have the tenth amendment; that all powers not reserved to the Federal government are reserved to the people and the states.

That’s not being enforced.

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Palmer said that will serve only five terms and pledged that, “My mission objective is to restore constitutional government.”

Palmer said that this country would not be recognized today by the men who put it together

Michael Hart said for everyone to vote because, “I just don’t want to be the generation that let it get away.”

Deanna Frankowski thank Palmer on all the candidates for coming and urged everyone to visit the Alconservative group on facebook. In November they will be at the Veterans Parade. In December they will hold a potluck and fellowship meeting. There will be a movie night in January and February, and in March there will be a meeting at the start of the legislative session.

Written By

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.


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