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Tuesday is a Big Election for Republicans: Opinion

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

A lot is on the line in this election for Republicans. This is an enormous for the Party of Reagan and Lincoln to see if it really is still a equal to its Democratic Party rival.

2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney understood the situation brilliantly (though saying it out loud was a mistake): 47% of the American people are untouchable for the Republicans. They don’t believe the same principles we do. They aren’t for limited government because they see big government as their provider and their defender against the corporations and rich people they despise. For any Republican to win the presidency he (or she) has to cobble together just about everybody that is left. Any fracture in that GOP big tent, means victory for the Democrats. Republicans could have taken back the U.S. Senate in 2010 but failed. In 2012 Mitt Romney could not get as many voters as Sen. John McCain got in his run four years earlier and again efforts by the GOP to wrest away control of the Senate failed…and failed miserably

If the GOP loses the Senate Seat in Georgia, and fails to unseat red state Dem Senators on Tuesday, then the different factions within the GOP will likely turn their guns on each other. The ‘Tea Party’ will blame the establishment types and the establishment types will blame the Tea Party. Social Conservatives will blame the Libertarian Republicans. Liberty Republicans will blame the Social Conservatives. The moderates will blame the right. The right will blame the moderates. They will all fight and bash each other for the next year in an attempt to get advantage over their GOP rivals. The public at large does not understand or sympathize with these intraparty squabbles.

The question for Republicans, and conservatives in general need to ponder is; are they capable of fighting? President Barack H. Obama has greatly increased the power and scope of the federal government. Whether it is through Obamacare, Draconian new EPA regulations the Congress seems powerless to stop, trillions in national debt growth, failure to enforce our immigrations law, Barack H. Obama has stretched his own powers beyond anything the founding fathers could have foreseen. If there is not going to be a pushback from the voters, when will there be? When do voters send Obama a message? If not now, then when? If conservatives stay home and don’t vote all it does is embolden the President to rule more and more by fiat, regulation, and executive order.

President Obama openly said, “I am not on the ballot; but my policies will be.”

Conservative voters can send a message and tell the President: ‘we don’t like your policies’ or they can stay home and tell the world that they really don’t care what happens any more.

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In Alabama, with an uncompetitive Governor’s race and little likelihood that Democrats are going to win a statewide office (unseating Attorney General Luther Strange is their best chance) there is little really on the line on Tuesday…..but what kind of message are you sending to Washington and Montgomery if you don’t even both to show up?

That you are tuned out and are not paying attention?

Do we really want our elected servants to think that they can do whatever they want and we are not going to show up to do something about it?

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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