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Republicans Appear to be Racists

Joey Kennedy



By Joey Kennedy
Alabama Political Reporter

What’s up with these Republicans? Really, what’s up? They’re downright scary.

So we have Donald Trump, leading the polls for the Republican nomination. This guy is xenophobic, racist, a bully, ugly.

But he doesn’t remember, or says he does, that New Jersey folks were celebrating the 9/11 attacks. Never happened. He just remembers something he didn’t ever know.

How can people support these Republicans? They’re mean. They’re bullies. They’re ugly. They’re out of this world. They are horrible. If you support a Republican in this year’s presidential primary, you have to evaluate your own soul.

Who do we have?

Consider Rep. Alan Harper (R-Northport). He basically said in a Facebook post to ignore anybody who doesn’t look white, pure, Christian, if you’re shopping at their stores. He’s an idiot, of course. More so because those he was criticizing were Christians and Indians, not Middle Easterners. Though, there is nothing wrong with Middle Easterners, either. But Harper, clearly a xenophobe and racist, doesn’t care. Because he’s a Republican.


I don’t think all Republicans are racist. But I do believe every racist is a Republican. What’s wrong with these people? They are killing their party. They are. It’s the last gasp of the Angry White Man. They don’t understand that in a few years, THEY will be the minority. They don’t know how to handle it. They don’t know how to cope. And they’re angry. But mostly, they’re impotent. That’s right. Impotent.


Donald Trump encourages these haters. He doesn’t care about facts. He only cares about his own narcissistic personality. This man who hates immigrants, has had immigrant wives. Wives is a plural. You know, Republicans who believe in family values, have lots of wives. Trump is one.

But so are many of the Republicans who stick their heads up in this presidential primary. It’s actually scary. The candidates, with multiple wives, stand by the family values Republicans declare. And these folks get ordinary Alabamians who haven’t had several wives to support them. That says plenty about the folks who support them. Not in an intelligent sense, but in an idiot sense.

If you support Trump, or Harper, live with your bigotry. Live with your racism. Because that’s what you are living with, even in your dreams of being better.

You are not.


Joey Kennedy writes this column for Alabama Political Reporter every Wednesday. Contact him at: [email protected]




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