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Trump and Sanders Win the New Hampshire Primary

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Independent US Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont delivered a crushing defeat to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D) in the New Hampshire Primary.  As of press time, Sanders had 60 percent of the Democrat vote and Clinton had just 38 percent.

In the Republican Primary, New York City billionaire and reality TV star Donald Trump won the primary more than doubling the votes than his closest competitor got. 

Donald Trump said in his victory speech, “I heard Bernie’s speech and congratulations to him; but he wants to give our country away. We are going to make America great again; but we are going to do it the old fashioned way.” 

Donald Trump got 35 percent of the Republican vote.

Trump said, “We are going to knock the Hell out of ISIS and we are going to do it the right way.”  “We owe $19 trillion as of today.”  Trump said that the budget that was passed will take that to $22 trillion.

On the Republican side, Governor John Kasich revived his flagging campaign with a second place finish and sixteen percent of the vote.  

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Governor Kasich said, “There is magic in the air with this campaign.”  “Something big happened tonight.  We have had $tens and tens of millions spent against us.  That is the old politics.”  “We are conservative here. We believe that government is the last resort and not the first resort.”  Kasich held more than one hundred town halls in the small New England state.

Republican strategist Brent Buchanan said, “Time for my Republican friends who care about a record, not rhetoric, to take a serious look at John Kasich. And don’t forget that Republicans have not won the White House without winning Ohio…ever.”

Senator Ted Cruz won Iowa and followed that with a disappointing third place finish in New Hampshire and just 11 percent of the vote.  At press time former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was just a few hundred votes behind Cruz with 11 percent of the vote. 

Senator Cruz said, “After everything the Washington Cartel threw at us and the millions spent against us by the lobbyists and my opponents, we are just getting started on the road to winning the nomination.”

Former Governor Jeb Bush told reporters, “Last Monday night, when the Iowa caucuses were complete, they said the race was now a three-person race between two present senators and a reality TV star.  And while the reality TV star is still doing well, it looks like you all have reset things.”

US Senator Marco Rubio came in fifth at just 11 percent.  Rubio had placed in a close third spot in Iowa; but lost momentum after a disappointing debate performance on Saturday.  Sen. Rubio blamed himself for the poor showing.  Rubio said, “I did not do well on Saturday night.  That will never happen again.”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie got just 8 percent of the Republican vote and is cancelling his events in South Carolina to meet with his family.  Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina received just 4 percent of the vote leading Dr. Ben Carson with just 2 percent.

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The candidates go to the South Carolina Primary and the Nevada Caucuses next.

The Alabama Presidential Primary is on March 1.


Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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