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Parents Protecting US Senate Candidate McConnell

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

MONTGOMERY—US Senate candidate Jonathon McConnell’s mom and dad seem to be spending a lot of time defending and apologizing for their 30-something-year-old son.

Recently, the candidate’s mother Susan emailed supporters, addressing the many accusations that have been leveled at her son. In an email, she seeks to assure voters that accusations of bribery, cheating in school, FEC fine and amnesty, are all false, and are simply attacks by incumbent, Sen. Richard Shelby.

After McConnell was accused by a rival Senate candidate, John Martin, of attempting to bribe him to drop out of the race, McConnell’s father called Martin to apologize.

McConnell is running for Senate on a reputation as a tough, battle-hardened Marine Corps vet, who will change the Beltway culture.

McConnell’s mother also said, that accusations related to his SGA election at Auburn had no merit. However, The Auburn Plainsman Editorial Board wrote, “There’s no doubt McConnell did violate campaign laws. SGA Board of Elections reported 10 violations during campaigns by McConnell.”

A full transcript of the hearing into McConnell’s SGA election, paints a very different picture than that of the candidate’s mom.

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In one telling statement a board member says, “‘But as far as the opinion, we can say, despite the fact that he [McConnell] can pretty much laugh at the face of E-board by violating this rule, this rule, this rule, but the thing is, though does he care? He’s going to be president tomorrow….”

His FEC filings, the failure to disclose business interests, and listing Michael Thompson, CEO of Thompson Tractor Co., a long-time Shelby supporter as a campaign donor, are things the McConnells should not answer for their son.

An invitation to a fundraising event for McConnell at The Auburn University Club, plainly lists Mike Thompson of Auburn as a sponsor and donor.

This is especially disturbing given the fact that The Auburn University Club is owned by the sponsor of the event, “Mike Thompson,” a close friend of the McConnell family.

The latest revelation that McConnell distributed a false endorsement from Alabama Republican National Committeeman Paul Reynolds, cannot be laid at the feet of Shelby.

Neither can his failure to list business interests, accurately filing out campaign statements, or explain why the Auburn E-board found McConnell cheated.

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McConnell’s parents are not running for office, but they are sure doing a lot of the talking for their son.


Bill Britt is editor-in-chief at the Alabama Political Reporter and host of The Voice of Alabama Politics. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.

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