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Supporting “A New American Century”

By Rep. Will Ainsworth

The current presidential election will likely be the most important one that occurs in my lifetime, and in yours.

The president we elect will appoint multiple Supreme Court justices, face serious and ongoing threats from ISIS and radical Islam. The next president will need to take steps to rebuild our military and be tasked with reenergizing the U.S. economy so our nation can return to its natural position of preeminence.

I believe it is also incumbent that we elect a president who is Christian and a Christ follower.

I have had the opportunity to get to know Marco Rubio on a personal level, and he has shown that his faith impacts his daily life and helps guide his decisions in government.  He is the strongest candidate in the field on pro-life issues and understands that life begins at conception.

He believes that the biblical definition of marriage consists of a union between one man and one woman and his faith also drives him to be the best father and husband that God will allow.

Our next president must be a committed conservative and Marco Rubio has a record that fills that need many times over.

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Ranked as the fourth most conservative senator in Congress, his ratings from respected groups the American Conservative Union and National Right For Life are 98% and 100%, respectively.

Rubio also believes that our constitutional rights are God-given, and the Second Amendment fully and unequivocally guarantees our gun ownership rights, so he has been awarded an A rating from the NRA.

Our next president must also be a leader who can unite a sometimes fractured Republican Party.

Marco Rubio was originally elected in Florida as an outsider candidate running on the Tea Party platform. Today, he continues to be a darling of the party’s conservative wing and his appeal extends to all sectors of the GOP, as evidenced by the fact he has earned more legislator endorsements than any other candidate in the running for the Republican nomination.

The bottom line is whether you are labeled as a Tea Party Conservative, Evangelical, Fiscal Conservative, Libertarian, White, Hispanic, or African-American Republican, Marco Rubio will unite us all and grow our party, much like President Reagan did.

For too long, Republicans have nominated candidates that have been unable to win, but Rubio can and will defeat either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton and win the White House for our party.

This race will determine the direction our country takes for generations to come and every national poll indicates Rubio is the only candidate who can advance our conservative agenda.

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Despite the loud sloganeering and boisterous claims of another candidate, Rubio has the policy proposals and reform-minded ideas that will make America truly great again.

He is the only candidate with foreign policy knowledge and experience. He serves on the Senate Foreign Intelligence Committee, which gives him first hand knowledge of the threats we face and the methods to best-protect America and rebuild our military.

He has a plan to fix our higher education system and make college more affordable to all Americans and he has been the only candidate to talk about getting people “job ready” by advocating career tech.

In addition, his pro-growth tax plan will provides a $2,500 child tax credit to help middle-class families.

Rubio is part of the next generation of conservative leaders and offers the kind of inspirational vision that our nation has not seen since the days of Ronald Reagan.

Because he can unite the entire Republican party, win back the White House, and continue moving the conservative movement forward, I invite you to join me in voting for Marco Rubio on March 1st as we endeavor to begin “A New American Century.”

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