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Nana Says the Almighty Instructed Him to Run for Senate as a Write In Candidate

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Friday, March 18, former Democratic candidate for US Senate Charles Nana announced that he is running for the US Senate as a write in candidate against incumbent Senator Richard Shelby (R) and Democratic Party Primary winner, Ron Crumpton.

Charles Nana attacked both Crumpton and Shelby in a Friday Facebook post, “The issues facing Alabamians and the nation today are too important to be limited to only two choices: one is morally and intellectually challenged and simply wants to smoke Marijuana, while the other is only interested in having $4500 dinners at the priciest restaurants in New York city.”

Nana announced, “The committee to elect Nana for Senate will launch a write in campaign starting in May, 2016 and your support would be greatly appreciated.”

Nana was critical of both political parties, “This is very wrong and outrageous. The Republican leadership continue to mismanage state funds, treat the poor and minorities with utter disgust & contempt, spew hate and fear mongering at every given opportunity with no consequences.” “Democrats, who suppose to keep some of these Republican excesses in check are too busy fighting each other, conjuring all sorts of power grabs while Republicans continue their march in making the state dead last in every conceivable matrix.”

Nana said, “On March 1st. 2016 primaries, Democrats were able to get only a miserable 13 percent of registered voters to the polls. For Alabama Democrats to remain relevant in national politics or ever consider winning statewide, a complete State party restructuring and closer evaluation of the voice of our customers is urgently needed.”

Nana said, “We need someone who is not on either extremes. Someone whose leadership will be informed by his religious beliefs and a fear of God. Someone who knows what it means to be poor and pull yourself up. Some who knows what it takes to create jobs with livable wages etc.”

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Nana said that God told him to run as a write-in: “We fell short of the majority, prayed over it and the almighty instructed us to continue fighting for the children of Alabama. We will therefore take our fight all the way through the general elections as a write in candidate.”

The Ron Crumpton for Senate campaign declined to comment on the news that Nana was running as a write-in.

Nana was born in Cameroon. He migrated to the United States in the 80’s where he obtain a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Howard University, a Master degree in Biomedical engineering from Catholic University of America and an International MBA from the University of Chicago, Graduate School of business with emphasis on entrepreneurship and strategic management. Charles is married to Florence and they have three sons, Nanda, Wanci and Kedy, He is also a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Crumpton argued in the primary that he was more electable than Nana and would stand a better chance of defeating Richard Shelby in the General Election. Ron Crumpton defeated Charles Nana for the Democratic Party nomination 56.3 percent to 43.7 percent. Crumpton also attacked Nana over Nana’s opposition to marijuana legalization.

Richard Shelby is seeking his sixth term as the US Senator from Alabama.


Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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