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Alabama Republican Assembly Demands Bentley Be Impeached

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Tuesday, March 29, the Alabama Republican Assembly released a statement announcing that it has passed a resolution, calling for both Houses of the Legislature to impeach the embattled Governor Robert Bentley (R).

Alabama Republican Assembly President Jennifer Montrose said that the resolution was in response to the allegations of an affair between Governor Bentley and his top political aid, Mrs. Rebekah Caldwell Mason.

The group referenced the public accusations by Alabama’s former top law enforcement officer Spencer Collier, and the release of highly sexually suggestive audiotapes as evidence that Bentley acted inappropriately.

Montrose said that it is the stated goal of the Alabama Republican Assembly to act as the conscience of the Republican Party and, “this extramarital affair is a violation of the values and beliefs of the Alabama voters, and a betrayal of their trust, and WHEREAS, the Alabama Constitution does specifically state in Section 173 that “moral turpitude while in office” is an impeachable offense.”

“THEREFORE, the Alabama Republican Assembly and its members do publicly request that the Republican supermajority in both houses of the Alabama Legislature impeach Governor Robert Bentley in the manner proscribed by the Constitution in the event that he does not willingly resign his position in a timely manner.
Jennifer Montrose, President Alabama Republican Assembly.”

The move by the influential Alabama Republican Assembly follows closely on the heels of a similar resolution on Monday by the College Republican Federation of Alabama Executive Board. The college GOP Executive Board unanimously passed a resolution calling for, “Robert Bentley to resign immediately from his elected position as Governor of Alabama to prevent further shame and embarrassment on the State of Alabama, its citizens, and the Republican Party.”

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The College Republican Federation of Alabama consists of seventeen member chapters across college campuses in the State of Alabama as chartered by the College Republican National Committee, and serving as an auxiliary organization of the Alabama Republican Party. The resolution reads:

“Whereas strong, faithful families, honesty, lawfulness, morality, and integrity are among the most important of foundational characteristics of conservative values that exemplify the Republican Party since its founding in 1856, and, Whereas ethical behavior is not only expected from the officials of the state of Alabama, but also mandated by way of Alabama Ethics Laws, specifically in case under sections 36-25-5 and 36-25-7, and, Whereas Governor Bentley has brought shame and embarrassment to the State of Alabama by means of local, state, and national news, as well as social media through his own self-admitted devious, immoral, and possibly illegal actions involving his married female senior top aide, not only of the sexual nature, but regarding her compensation as well as a non-state employee yet making key decisions in the governing of the state, coupled with the very questionable firings at the ALEA, all of which will likely hinder future trust in the state government of Alabama, the Republican Party, and all its branches, and Whereas Governor Robert Bentley campaigned to the citizens of Alabama on values consistent with Conservatism and the Republican Party such as family values, honesty, and with specific attention given to his campaign slogan and motto “No new taxes,” and, Whereas Governor Bentley continues to insist on breaking his promise to the citizens of Alabama by relentlessly pushing for new taxes regardless of the will of the super majority of Republican legislators in Montgomery, and, Whereas Governor Bentley has proven to ineffective at management of state funds, not only through his inability to live within his means as Governor without raising taxes, but also by disrespectfully and blatantly giving unreasonable and ridiculous pay raises to his Cabinet members while many other state agencies are forced to make serious cuts, and Alabama families continue to struggle to make ends meet, and, Whereas Governor Bentley has frankly governed and acted like a Democrat as of late, BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that we, the members of the College Republican Federation of Alabama Executive Board call for Robert Bentley to resign immediately from his elected position as Governor of Alabama.”

The College Republicans’ resolution also encourages, “The State Legislature to take interest in passing a recall law and putting the matter in the hands of the citizens if the Governor refuses to step down.”

Meanwhile federal and state investigators continue to conduct interviews and gather evidence for what could possibly lead to grand jury investigations.

Several influential Republicans have expressed concerns that the State is rudderless with Bentley occupying a Governor’s office with no moral authority to lead and with no certainty that he will be able to even finish his term; thus any economic development promises he makes is dubious at best under the circumstances.

In other Bentley news, it was revealed on Tuesday that Bentley and Mrs. Mason are no longer members of the Tuscaloosa First Baptist Church, where they both attended for many years. Gov. Bentley served as a deacon and where ironically, the Bentleys provided pre-marriage counseling to the Masons.

The Yellowhammer News is reporting the allegation that Bentley and Mason have a joint safety deposit box. That is not illegal, but it is a very odd thing for a Governor and his top political advisor to share.

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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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