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The Masons Still Have Ethics Filing Omissions

By Susan Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

MONTGOMERY—Although Jon Mason, employee of and owner of JRM Communications, amended his Statement of Economic Interest (SEI) forms for 2011 through 2013 last week, he failed to amend his 2014 filing. Rebekah Caldwell Mason, former senior advisor to Governor Robert Bentley and owner of RCM Communications, has yet to amend any of her filings.

Jon Mason’s 2014 ethics filings have not been amended as they were for previous years. This filing does not mention the existence of JRM Communications, but seems to indicate that he was a consultant for RCM Communications. It states that his spouse is a communication specialist, but does not disclose for what company or for whom her services were provided.

At least one of Jon Mason’s clients, the University of Alabama, reports that he received $12,150 in payments for professional services during 2014, putting his company within the required range for disclosure. His listings for indebtedness and other income has also not been updated to match his other reports.

Since the report requires disclosure of all household income, Rebekah Caldwell Mason’s filings should be amended. While her filings state that Jon Mason is a State employee, they do not mention JRM Enterprises, or that the couple has a Charles Schwab Account. Their indebtedness disclosures also do not match.

On Rebekah Caldwell Mason’s 2012 filing, she failed to list Jon Mason’s clients in the professional services category. Her 2013 filing only lists “public official” in this area of the form, where Jon Mason declares an additional retail company, two other government corporations or authorities, and three miscellaneous clients.

Section 36-25-2(c) states that ethics forms disclosures are “construed to promote complete disclosure of all relevant information and to insure that the public interest is fully protected.”

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Line-by-line instruction on completion of the forms is available on the Ethics Commission website, in the links listed below the online forms.

The fine for inaccurate filings is $10 per day, not to exceed $1,000. The Mason’s have at least six forms with omissions or mistakes.


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