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Witnesses for the Prosecution: Politicos, Business Titans, Lobbyists

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

MONTGOMERY—A who’s-who of politicos, business titans, lobbyists, and operatives, are among the some 135 witnesses called by the prosecution, in the felony public corruption trial of Speaker Mike Hubbard.

It has been said, that Hubbard would be very surprised to see who may be testifying against him. Given the names of those who may take the stand to detail his alleged crimes and schemes, he should be terrified. From his mentor, former Gov. Bob Riley, to his closest allies at Swatek, Azbell, Howe, & Ross, all will be on cue at the Lee County Justice Center on May 9, according to the subpoenas. Judge Jacob Walker, III, has set the trial date as May 16, but may change to the earlier date of May 9.

Hubbard’s former chief of staff, Josh Blades, as well as current communications director, Racheal Adams, will bare witness to what they saw and heard in Hubbard’s inner sanctum.

Norris Green, former Director of the Legislative Fiscal Office, (LFO), former legislative counsel for the House, Jason Isbell, Director of Commerce Greg Canfield, and former State Health Officer, Dr. Don Williamson, are to give testimony for the prosecution.

So will BCA Chairman, Billy Canary, and business leaders, Will Brooke, Jimmy Rane, Rob Barton, Robert Abrams, James Holbrook, those representing American Pharmacy Cooperative, Inc., (APCI), the Southeast Alabama Gas District (SEAGD), and Edgenuity, Inc., and/or E2020, as this publication predicted in November 2015.

Senator President Pro Tempore Del Marsh is a witness, and many more senators including, Tom Whatley (R-Aubrun), Bill Holzclaw (R-Madison), Clay Scofield (R-Arab), Gerald Allen (R-East Cottondale), and others.

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Representatives, Steve Clouse, Paul Lee, James Carns, Allen Farley, Steve French, Terri Collins, and there are more.

Former Lt. Gov. turned lobbyist Steve Windom, as well as RSA Chairman David Bronner, and Gov. Robert Bentley, have all received subpoenas to testify.

Perhaps, as never before, the State’s political elite will be sworn in to give testimony of their knowledge, and in some cases, cooperation in Hubbard’s alleged crimes.

See Subpoenas Filing 1
See Subpoenas Filing 2
See Subpoenas Filing 3

The following have received subpoenas from the prosecution:

Michael Mitchell
Kirk Fulford
Rachel Riddle
Jay Jaxon
Fletcher Fountain
Dexter McLendon
Gerald Dial
Jimmy Holley
Kenneth Boswell
Edgar Hinton
Kenneth Mount
Craig Pouncey
Joel Sport
Paul Bussman
Mac Buttram
Billy Blackwell
Steve Clouse
Robert Smith
Donnie Chesteen
Ryan Black
Winston Griggs
James Parker
Paul Lee
Mike Schmitz
John Watson
Sidney Rue Braille
Martin Abroms
William Canary
Mark Colson
Phillip Dotts
Nancy Hewston
Terry Kellogg
Charles Nailen
William O’Connor
David Perry
William Stimpson
Bob Riley
Timothy Howe
Jimmy Jackson
Charles Prickett
David Bronner
Thomas Buerck
Robert Kammerdiener
Ferrell Patrick
Jimmy Rane
Eugene Woodham
Dave Stewart
Dax Swatek
Ellie Gantt
Michael Humphrey
Anthony Brookelere
William Elev
Kenneth Sanders
Tim Hamrick
Robert Abrams
Rachel Adams
Tina Belfance
Robert Burton
Michael Joffrion
Eric Johnston
James Sumner
Greg Canfield
James Carns
Allen Farley
Perry Ward
Emily Shultz
Norman Downey, Regions Bank
Nicole Schmidt, Regions Bank, Custody of Records
John Sanderson
Stephen French
Minda Riley Campbell
Kate McCormick Anderson
Tom Whatley
Kathy Snowden
Sherrie Stanyard
Thomas Barry Whatley
Stephan Benson
Troy Dunlap
Larry Thorn
Chad Wächter
David Gaines Lanier
William Holtzclaw
Clay Scofield
Matthew David Azbell
John Ross
Twinkle Cavanaugh
Del Marsh
Steve Windom
William Brooke
Norris Green
Jason Isbell
Bertha Mary Lawrence
Jeffrey Woodard
Greg Wren
Patrick Harris
Philip Bryan
Josh Blades
John Gregory Henderson
Terri Collins
Gregory P. Fee
Vernon Jackson
Charles Meeks
William Armistead
Chris Hines
James McClendon
Ray Robbins
Mark Tuggle
Wiley Lott
Brian Dove
Harold Spicer
Gerald Allen
Bill Roberts
Greg Reed
Richard Baughn
Mark Henrich
Custodian of Records, ALGOP
Harold Sachs, ALGOP
James Holbrook
Angela Lipscomb
Lynn Greer
Kristen Hull
Nancy Chandler
Robert Bentley
Hugh Evans
Stephanie Azar
Ed Castille
Kelli Littlejohn Newman
Don Williamson
Shannon Quinn Carroll
W. Thomas Johnson, COR, Auburn Bank
Maryann Ramos, COR, Wells Fargo
IMG, Custodian of Records
Tales Dzenitis, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Emily A. Hendrix, COR, Verizon Wireless
Bauer Barsoum, COR, Verizon Wireless


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Bill Britt is editor-in-chief at the Alabama Political Reporter and host of The Voice of Alabama Politics. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.

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