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Zeigler said Bentley asking “to hear from people” is a sad joke

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Sunday, May 29, Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler (R) reacted with scorn to an article written by Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (R) published on Sunday titled  “Gov. Bentley wants to hear from you.”

Jim Zeigler said, “Gov. Bentley has not been listening to the people for at least two years, maybe longer.”

Zeigler says that he and the people of Alabama “have lost confidence in Gov. Bentley. We are convinced he is not listening to anyone beyond a handful of advisers, primarily ex-senior adviser Rebecca Mason.” “Gov. Bentley does not listen to me, the taxpayers, the legislators, or anyone beyond the chosen few Bentleyites.”

Gov. Bentley wrote, “I invite you to share with me and my Administration your thoughts and ideas for what you believe will make Alabama a truly Great State. Let us hear from you at [email protected]

Earlier this year Gov. Bentley unveiled his, “Great State 2019 plan” which he claims, “Is a bold, exciting and optimistic plan for every Alabamian.” The biggest part of the plan is borrowing $800 million to build massive new prison facilities.

Critics like Zeigler argue that if you really wanted the people’s opinions you would do that before writing some great government plan.

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Gov. Bentley wrote, “Setting things right takes time, it takes hard work, and most importantly it takes everyone pulling together in the same direction.”

Zeigler said that he looked at the first 346 public comments posted on the article and, “By far the most-common advice shared to Bentley was – BENTLEY RESIGN.”

Gov. Bentley’s administration has been rocked by defections, firings, his divorce from Mrs. Bentley after 50 years of marriage, allegations surrounding an acknowledged “inappropriate relationship’ with the wife of one of his senior staffers, and recent revelations that a federal investigative grand jury will soon be set up to explore the possibility of criminal misconduct.

Some members of the legislature have even floated impeachment as an option.

Zeigler said, “Gov. Bentley does not see the handwriting on the wall.”

Zeigler has criticized a number of Bentley’s decisions over the last year.

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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



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