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Bentley Responds to Abortion Law Ruling

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Monday, June 27, the United States Supreme Court ruled in “Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt” that a Texas law regulating abortion clinics goes too far. Alabama had a similar law. The Alabama law had already been ruled unconstitutional by Federal Judge Myron Thompson. After Monday’s ruling, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (R) commented on the decision.

Gov. Bentley said, “I am disappointed to see the US Supreme Court make a political decision in their ruling of the Texas abortion clinic regulation. As a physician, I am concerned about the medical condition of all women, especially when a woman is facing a serious health procedure. In this Texas case, the Supreme Court is making a medical ruling, without any sound medical expertise. Requiring a doctor to have admitting privileges at a local hospital protects the doctor and the patient. In 2013, I signed into law the Women’s Health and Safety Act that requires clinics that provide abortions to meet the same facility standards as ambulatory care centers, which include admitting privileges at local hospitals.”

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange announced that in the wake of the Texas decision, he is dropping efforts to appeal Judge Thompsons ruling on Alabama’s Women’s Health and Safety Act.

State Representative Mack Butler (R-Rainbow City) wrote, “Article III section 1 of the US Constitution states The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their Offices during good behavior. I submit to you that today 5 justices should be removed and the congress has the authority to do such. Abortion is murder plain and simple. The ruling today is so very sad and it violates state’s rights as well. We must take back America and to do so we have to place true constitutional conservatives in congress. The current congress is content to allow government bureaucracies, the courts, and executive branch to steal their authority. Our Founder’s did not trust government and that’s why we have a separation of powers (checks and balances) The congress has bowed to the other two branches when the Founder’s made the legislative branch the strongest.”

GOP state legislature candidate Sandy Toomer wrote, “In view of yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling on abortion in Texas it brings to the forefront an issue Trish and I have been active through our financial support and partnering with Women’s Hope Medical Clinic for many years in Auburn.”

Toomer promised, “As a member of the Alabama House I will take that support to the next obvious level doing whatever I can to foster a collectively protective atmosphere for organizations such as Women’s Hope in Auburn. Women’s Hope provides a safe and sanctity of life honoring alternative to the barbaric practice of abortion.”

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US Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) responded to the ruling: “The ?#? SCOTUS ruling in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt is profoundly disappointing. Texas enacted HB 2’s commonsense health standards to ensure that women receive safe care.”

Sen. Cruz, a former Republican Presidential candidate, continued, “Unfortunately, the Supreme Court sided with abortion extremists who care more about providing abortion-on-demand than they do protecting women’s health. This decision will not silence our fight to protect the most helpless and innocent among us, nor will we cease our efforts to protect women from an abortion industry that prioritizes profit margins over improving the safety and health of Texas women. We will continue to stand resolutely to defend unborn life because we know that every life is a gift from God, and without life there is no liberty.

The CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast, Staci Fox said, “Today is a great day. The Supreme Court made it clear that politicians cannot pass laws to block access to safe, legal abortion. In Alabama, a law similar to HB2 was passed in 2013. So let me be clear, the Court did not undo years of existing laws in Alabama that block women’s access to care. Today’s decision does not immediately undo Targeted Restrictions of Abortion Providers (TRAP laws) in other states. Women’s access to care is still very much under threat. No woman or doctor should be punished for receiving or providing essential medical care. We will continue to fight restrictions on safe, legal abortion on behalf of our patients in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. We will not be punished, and we will not go back.”

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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