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No Charges Against Hillary Clinton; So There, Hillary Haters

By Joey Kennedy
Alabama Political Reporter

Hillary haters must be banging their heads against the wall today.

Many predicted indictments against presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over her use of a personal e-mail server during her tenure as Secretary of State.

FBI Director James Comey ended their giddy wishes Tuesday when he recommended no charges be filed against Clinton on the email question.

In 25 years of public office, probably no couple has been vilified and investigated as much as the Clintons. No accusation has ever stuck.

Hillary Clinton haters like to call her all sorts of vile names: Killary, Shillary, Shrillary, Hildabeast. And of course, Donald Trump’s “Crooked Hillary.”

Just using Hillary’s first name only to identify her leads some to call that sexist, but that may go too far. There’s former President Bill Clinton and now soon-to-be-President Hillary Clinton. Got to make sure we know which “Clinton” we’re talking about.

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But now that Hillary Clinton is in the clear on the emails, the Hillary haters no longer have hope, unless it’s The Donald, who simply can’t win a national election in this country.

Benghazi proved a flop. The emails aren’t going to indict her.

Of course, The Donald weighed in almost immediately on his Twitter account: “FBI director said Crooked Hillary compromised our national security. No charges. Wow! ”

That, of course, is not what Comey said at all, but we all know the Trump filter has little to do with reality.

Besides, Trump would be an expert on rigged systems: Trump University is just one example. And who doesn’t think casinos are rigged systems – the house always wins, right?

FBI Director Comey said, “Our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case” on the email saga. Yes, Hillary Clinton was probably “extremely careless” in using personal email for “sensitive communications,” as The New York Times put it.

Careless isn’t a crime. The FBI determined that Hillary Clinton didn’t intentionally share secret information through her emails on her personal server.

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So while Hillary Clinton may have made an error in judgment, how many errors in judgment has The Donald made?

Too many to count. Dude flies off at the mouth, and there’s no telling what will come out. It may be sexist. It may be racist. It may be mean-spirited. It’ll most likely be inaccurate.

At least Hillary Clinton knows what she’s doing, and how to lead with dignity. She may not have been my first choice, but she’s my definite choice now.

Trump would be a disaster for our nation. He’s narcissistic, a hothead, wants war, hates Latino immigrants, Muslims, the LGBT community, African-Americans and, yes, women.

Hillary Clinton believes in inclusion, in doing something about this nation’s serious problems other than rant about them.

Then again, our problems today aren’t nearly as serious as they were when President Barack Obama took over for George W. Bush. We’ve come a long way.

Trump would take us backward, there is no doubt, and U.S. relations with many of our allies would suffer. “Make America Great Again”? More like, “Make America Hate Again.”

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So the Hillary haters are in a fix. They’re not going to get rid of her through criminal charges over her emails. Or through lies about Benghazi.

Hillary Clinton is here to stay, and she’ll be living, once again, in the White House.

Joey Kennedy, a Pulitzer Prize-winner, writes a column every Wednesday for Alabama Political Reporter. Email: [email protected].

Joey Kennedy, a Pulitzer Prize winner, writes a column each week for the Alabama Political Reporter. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.

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