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Lathan Says Nation Cannot Continue Down Liberal Path

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Tuesday, September 27, 2016, Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan released a statement regarding the First Presidential Debate on Monday night at Hofstra University.

Chairman Lathan said, “With the first presidential debate over, the contrast between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is glaring. Mr. Trump wants less taxes, less government and a more decisive strong foreign policy for our nation. Mrs. Clinton tells us to go to her website.”

Lathan continued, “As we inch our way closer to electing a new president, the choice is clear. Either we will repeat the past and continue the failed policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton or we will reset with strong new leadership from Donald Trump.”

The ALGOP Chairman said, “Mr. Trump is right. After almost thirty years as a government official, Mrs. Clinton brings nothing new to America. She only repeats the same old exhausting pathways of liberal policies. Our nation cannot afford to continue down this path.”

The overnight ratings for the debate were impressive. 80.9 million people were tuned in to watch New York City billionaire and reality TV star Donald Trump (R) do battle with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D). That was the most watched political debate in history. Those numbers do not include all the Americans who watched it on PBS or saw it streaming on their computers, laptops, or phones.

No third party candidates did well enough in pre-debate polling to make the stage. Neither Libertarian Party Nominee, Gary Johnson and Green Party Nominee, Jill Stein were polling at the 15 percent standard necessary to make the debate stage. Stein was removed from the campus by law enforcement before the debate began on Monday after USA Today reporter Eliza Collins reported seeing her at Hofstra.

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Most TV political commentators said that Hillary Clinton won the debate handily.

The Alabama Republican Party said, however, “Mr. Trump clearly won last night’s exchange between the candidates and took a bold stance on many critical issues facing our country. His vision for America is one that stands against the liberal progressive ideology presented by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party.” ALGOP forwarded some overnight polls to members of the press to back up that contention.

Clinton and Trump will face each other two more times in debates before the November 8 General Election. The next debate will be on October 9.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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