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Crumpton Says that Trump Turmoil Presents Opportunity for Democrats

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Ron Crumpton, the Democratic candidate for US Senator, said that the Trump campaign’s recent struggles could be turning into the “perfect storm” for Democrats in the coming November election.

Crumpton wrote, “The Trump Campaign is absolutely blowing up. The leaked interview with Billy Bush, where Trump made lewd comments and suggested that his ‘Star’ status gave him license to commit sexual assault, may be the death knell for the Trump campaign.”

Crumpton continued, “John McCain, Paul Ryan and other Republican leaders are fleeing from their toxic nominee and calling for him to step down… Regardless of the endgame it is going to drive down Republican turnout in November, and the turmoil will push record numbers of independents to vote a straight Democratic ticket.”

Crumpton claimed, “That perfect storm that I wrote about months ago… It is starting to come together and it provides Democrats with a real opportunity to make gains in Alabama… There has never been a better time to put Dick Shelby out to pasture, but to do that, I need your help.”

Crumpton asked readers for campaign contributions and said that, “Together, we can end Dick Shelby’s 30-year reign, and bring new leadership, new direction and new results in Washington, DC”

Democrats nationally are excited about the growing possibility that they might retake control of the US Senate as recent pollins suggests that former Secretary of State might be beginning to move ahead of Donald Trump.

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Crumpton has been asking for Richard Shelby to face him in a debate. Shelby has declined Crumpton’s offer.

Crumpton is well known in Montgomery due to his advocacy for marijuana legalization.

No Democrat has won a statewide election for any office in Alabama since 2008. The last time the people of Alabama elected a Democrat to the US Senate was 1992 and that was Richard Shelby. The last time a challenger unseated an incumbent Senator in Alabama was 1986 and the challenger then was Richard Shelby.

Richard Shelby served in the US House of Representatives and the Alabama state legislature, before his 1986 election to the Senate. Shelby won his first election, to the Alabama legislature, in 1970.


Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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