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Enemies From Within

By Perry Hooper Jr.

Our enemies have long preached that the only way we as a people could be defeated, would be from within. Four more years of the disastrous polices implemented by the Obama administration and promised by a potential Clinton Administration could just about do the trick. From social engineering that has wrecked havoc on the American Family, to economic policies that has made it impossible for far too many hard working Americans to find a decent well paying job, our country is being attacked from within. It’s no secret Clinton has promised us among other disastrous policies: open borders, a Supreme Court packed with liberal justices and more Obamacare.

Upon giving free-reign at the State Department, Clinton turned it into her own private piggy bank. Establishing an illegal private email system and permitting high ranking State Department Employees to also work for The Clinton Family Foundation, a system of pay for play schemes were enacted. Want access to the Secretary of State, just donate to the Foundation. From giving Russia virtual control of the world uranium market to secret arms deal with unfriendly middle eastern governments, everything had its price. I must admit it worked, from dead broke to a net worth in excess of 100 million dollars not too bad. Imagine what would happen under a Clinton Presidency.

Trump, like any man, has his faults, but I do know he will put America First. He will close the borders, sign the bill to abolish Obamacare and nominate true conservative jurist like Jeff Sessions to the Supreme Court. America wake up! We can’t turn the keys of the White House over to Hillary Clinton because of distractions created by the national liberal media and political elites who know that they can’t defend her actions, policies and outrageous history of scandals.

Perry Hooper Jr., is Trump State Co-Chair and Former State Representative.


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