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Young Republicans Prepare Get Out The Vote Efforts in Jefferson County

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Wednesday, October 26, 2016, Alabama Federation of Young Republicans Chair Jackie Curtis announced that the Young Republicans (YRs) would be deploying to very purple Jefferson County on the weekend before the November 8 election.

Cutis said in a statement, “Please make plans to join YRs from around the State for our major campaign deployment to lead GOTV efforts in Jefferson County, Alabama. We have District Attorneys, Brandon Falls and Bill Veitch, four incumbent judges, and many qualified judicial candidates on the ballot this year. Jefferson County is one of the only true “purple counties” in the state, which makes this our biggest in-state battleground. We need your help to defeat the Democrats and turn Jefferson County RED on November 8th.”

Most counties in Alabama are either Republican dominated (red) or Democratic dominated (blue). Jefferson County, the State’s largest, is one of the few purple counties meaning that it can tilt either way based on which party does the best job of turning out its voters.

Chairman Curtis said, “The BEST part is that you are not responsible for any of your expenses. Hotels, meals, and activities are covered by generous sponsors who are invested in our mission of electing Republicans to all levels of government, from the Courthouse to the White House. This is a four day deployment, but if you can only stay for part of the time, that is perfectly fine. Any time you can give is greatly appreciated. Republicans of all ages are welcome to participate.”

The YRs have planned a number of activities beginning with a welcome reception on Friday evening at 6:30PM. Dinner is followed by a night at Locked In: The Birmingham Escape Game.

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday the YRs are focusing on beating Democrats with Get Out The Vote efforts. The group will be conducting door-to-door voter outreach in swing areas of the county. These are precincts where voters do not vote straight party. These are people who may vote for Hillary Clinton, but are willing to vote for highly qualified local Republican candidates.

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The YRs will also be phone banking into solid Republican areas with high drop-off rates. The YRs are calling into these areas to remind their Republican friends to vote all the way down their ballot on election day.

The YRs are gathering Saturday evening for burgers, hot dogs, beverages, and college football. The November 5th event will be at 6:00 PM in a location to be announced soon.

Curtis said, “This will be a great time for fellowship and relaxation after a long campaign day. Location announcement coming soon!.”

In the hours before voting begins, the YRs are helping candidates get signs out at polling places for Election Day.

Curtis said, “This reminds folks to vote and gives them one last opportunity to get familiar with candidate names. Must be done in the middle of the night so Democrats don’t have an opportunity to steal them.:”

On election day itself the YRs are recruiting poll watchers.

Curtis wrote, “Help Prevent Voter Fraud! We still need more Poll Watchers for our Election Day Ballot Security efforts! Volunteers will be compensated with $200 and lots of public praise. If you are interested in helping to prevent the Democrats from stealing our local elections, please reply to this email.”

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If you plan to attend, please contact Jackie at [email protected].


Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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