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Hoping for the best, fearing the worst

By Joey Kennedy
Alabama Political Reporter

The world we live in changes Friday. When Donald J. Trump is inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, we’ll be somewhere we’ve never been before.

I’d like to say Trump deserves an open mind. The so-called Republican will be sworn in as president on Friday. It’s his gig now. But his Twitter tantrums alone cause one to wonder what’s up with this dude. Frankly, he presents as a person with some sort of mental illness. Or, as an idiot.

Trump whines about Meryl Streep being overrated as an actor, and disses Civil Rights icon John Lewis when he rightly calls Trump’s legitimacy into question.

Trump’s skin is so thin he’s practically transparent. Except he’s not.

Where are his tax returns? Where are his potential conflicts of interest disclosures? Where are they?

Trump is scary.

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And Trump’s Cabinet appointments don’t encourage confidence.

Alabama’s Jeff Sessions as Attorney General of the United States? Really?

Rex Tillierson as Secretary of State. Really?

Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. Really?

Donald Trump deserves an open mind, except he undermines an open mind. He disappoints as soon as you give him half a chance.

He’ll be our president, yes, but I’m afraid he’ll be a scary one.

On Friday, Trump becomes our president. He takes over from Barack Obama, probably the best president we’ve had in decades. Except, Barack Obama is black. That upsets so many Americans, especially many Trump supporters, because they’re racists. Simply put, Barack Obama’s presidency was undercut by those who couldn’t stand having a black man as leader of our country.

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That’s the fact. They’ll deny it because, they’ll say, “some of my best friends are black.” But they’re not. And they know it. How sad for our nation.

We’ll transition from a marvelous, dignified First Lady to one who is a nude model and was once an undocumented immigrant. Live with this. It’s what Trump brings us.

Even Trump supporters are having second thoughts.

On Twitter, Trump’s favorite social media platform, one person said: “Your making America great again by killing affordable healthcare? Regretting that I voted for you already.”

“I voted for you, but, your tweets still make you sound like 2 year old – or worse. Give it up or you’re a 1 termer,” Tweeted another.

Another: “Uh you honestly have no idea why I voted for you… I was tired of the political crap… you are now worse than them.”

And another: “And now I know I voted for the wrong person. You should be charged with treason! You’re pathetic.”

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And one more: “Shame on you. I can’t believe I voted for you. Get off twitter and do something productive like a REAL president elect.”

What they’re saying, what they’ve learned, is simple: Trump is not the brightest light bulb in the chandelier.

This is voters’ remorse. Except, now the person for which they voted will on Friday be inaugurated as President of the United States.

Trump clearly doesn’t care about the responsibility he’s assuming. For him, it’s just “The Apprentice” on an even larger, reality TV scale.

You’re fired!

Actually, we’re fired. In this reality TV show, we have to deal with a childish, megalomaniac with his finger on the button.

That’s scary, folks. But it’s what many of you wanted.

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It’s what we’ve got.

It’s where we are.

Let’s be open-minded, if we can. Let’s give Trump a chance to show he’s more than Twitter rants. More than bad reality TV. More than whatever that is on his head.

Let’s hope for the best. But, it’s understandable if we fear the worst.


Joey Kennedy, a Pulitzer Prize winner, writes this column every week for Alabama Political Reporter. Email: [email protected]


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Joey Kennedy, a Pulitzer Prize winner, writes a column each week for the Alabama Political Reporter. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.


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