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Montgomery County Democratic Conference announces new leadership

Brandon Moseley



By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Thursday, March 23, 2017, Emerging from trusteeship, the Montgomery County Democratic Conference (MCDC) elected a new slate of officers and executive committee members on Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

The group elected Janet May as its Chairperson. Joe M. Reed was chosen as Vice Chairperson.

Other officers elected include: Mary E. Williams, Recording Secretary; Sheena Gamble, Assistant Secretary; Lillian Jefferson, Treasurer; Kenyatte Hassell, Coordinator; Tamika Miller, Vice Chair Women’s Affairs; Robert Thompson, Vice Chair for Youth Affairs and Maggie J. Stringer, Vice Chair for Senior Affairs.

Additionally, those persons elected to serve as County Commission District Representatives on the Executive Committee are as follows: District 1—D’Linell Finley, Jay C. Coleman, Darryl Parker, Fred F. Bell, Arika Smith; District 2—Terance Dawson, Phadra Foster, Leu Hammonds, KK Middleton, John White; District 3—Henry Davis; District 4—Ron Sanders, Maurice Rollins, Anita Hargrove; District 5—Maria Wright, Rhod Clayton.

Chairperson May said, “Our members are the best and brightest across the age demographic in Montgomery County. We invite all who want to affect positive change in Montgomery County to join us on this Democratic journey. We are building a bench of strong, committed Democrats who win elections in Montgomery County as well as winning elections in the 2nd, 3rd and 7th Congressional Districts.”

May is a former member of the Montgomery City Council and is one of five Alabama members of the Democratic National Committee.


The MCDC says that it is committed to promoting political unity, advancing the cause of the Democratic Party, recruiting good Democratic candidates and winning elections. MCDC failed to comply with the bylaws and constitution of the Alabama Democratic Conference (ADC) and its local constitution and by-laws.

The ADC promotes good government, protects the general welfare of all Alabamians generally and black Alabamians in particular and make recommendations on constitutional amendments and others issues that it deems appropriate.

The Democratic Party has had a number of defeats and setbacks across Alabama over the last decade; but is increasingly powerful in Montgomery and Jefferson Counties.

Some critics of the ADC and the Alabama Democratic Party have suggested that new leadership might be more effective moving forward. This remains a contentious issue in some Democratic Party circles.