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The People vs. the Washington Elite

By Perry O. Hooper Jr.

The political elite—Republicans and Democrats alike—have steadily chipped away at the country’s legal, moral, and financial foundations for years ignoring the will of the people. They sent our jobs overseas, opened our borders, and decimating our families with their social engineering. When Obama said jump they asked how high. The result for them has been a comfortable armchair seat of power and wealth while the people suffered. Aided by the mainstream media they believed that the “rubes” in flyover country would always succumb to their wishes.

Everything changed in November. The People knew that Hillary Clinton’s election would have rendered Obama’s fundamental transformation of the country irreversible and leading to the permanent entrenchment of the Washington elite. At that moment in American history, only Donald J Trump offered real alternatives to the “HillaryObama” transformation and they choose Trump.

Unfortunately, the elite still doesn’t get it. Washington establishment types are still ignoring the will of the people. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell is the embodiment of the arrogance of the ruling political elite. He was as close to being a never Trumper as you could be without coming out and saying it. America clamors for term limits as the only way to begin to drain the swamp. Not in “his” Senate he decrees from his throne in Washington. McConnell will not even let term limits be brought up for discussion.

Now McConnell has Alabama in his crosshairs. Worried that Alabamians may want a say so on who is their Senator, he first calls Governor Ivey to plead with her to not have an election forthwith. When this fails, he instructs the Republican National Senatorial Committee to withhold business from any political consultant who may dare to work for someone other than his chosen one. Who knows what other “dirty tricks” he may have up his sleeve. This is un-American and just plain wrong. I call on Mitch McConnell and other members of the Washington elite to back off and let the people of Alabama decide who best represents them and their beliefs.

Perry O. Hooper Jr. is a former state Representative and was the Co-Chairman for the Trump Alabama campaign. Hooper has formed an exploratory committee to study possibly running for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Sen. Jeff Sessions.

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