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Attorney General Steve Marshall joins Trump to block funding to Sanctuary cities

By Sam Mattison
Alabama Political Reporter

Alabama’s Attorney General Steve Marshall announced on Friday that he will join a 10-state coalition in defending Trump’s Executive Order to block funding to Sanctuary cities.

“Sanctuary cities, jurisdictions that prohibit or impede the enforcement of federal immigration laws, not only defy the rule of law but also hinder the ability of Law Enforcement to effectively protect the public,” Marshall said in a press release. “Such cities also pose harm to other areas by providing a refuge for criminal illegal aliens who commit crimes out of state.”

Trump’s Executive Order blocks cities that harbor illegal immigrants from receiving Federal grants for specific programs. He signed the order in January.

The Executive Order also required the Department of Homeland Security to compile a report of detention centers that released illegal immigrants sent there by Immigration and Customs Enforcement without a charge.

The report from January to February listed Hoover City Jail  in Jefferson County as one of these places. The jail released a Mexican national previously convicted of drug possession on February 1, 2017, without charge, according to the report.

The DHS prioritizes deportations of illegal immigrants with convictions according to their website.

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The other states that support Donald Trump’s executive order are Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia.



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