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Judge seeks open seat on Court of Civil Appeals

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By Samuel Mattison
Alabama Political Reporter

A judge announced that she would seek a soon-to-be vacated seat on the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals on Thursday.

Chirsty Edwards, who currently serves as a judge on the Alabama Tax Court, made the announcement that she will seek the seat on Thursday. Edwards said she wants to bring her know how of tax laws to the appeals court.

“Everyone has to pay taxes – businesses, business owners, consumers and regular people,” Edwards said in a statement. “The businesses and the people of this state need a judge who will oversee the tax laws and protect the taxpayers according to all the laws overseen by this court. I will do that.”

Edwards is running as a Republican and said she believes the court needs “strong, conservative judges” who will apply laws fairly and impartially.

“I have the education and experience needed to serve as a Court of Civil Appeals judge,” Edwards said. “I pledge to apply the laws as written in a clear and consistent manner so that the people and businesses of this state understand their rights and obligations.”

Edwards is an alumna of Faulkner University where she received a juris doctorate from the Jones School of Law. Her prior education was at The University of Alabama where she received a master’s in law specializing in tax laws in Alabama.

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Prior to her position on the Alabama Tax Court, she served as a staff attorney on the Court of Civil Appeals and served in legal positions in the Alabama Department of Revenue.

Edwards is running for the seat on the Court of Appeals currently occupied by Judge Craig Pittman. Pittman will vacate the seat next year. He has served in the position since 2001.

The Court of Civil Appeals oversees civil appeals that don’t exceed $50,000. The court also has jurisdiction over appeals involving adoption, domestic relations cases, annulment, divorce, alimony, child support and child custody cases according to their official website.

The court notably granted a minor girl the judicial consent to receive an abortion earlier this month. The decision overturned a previous judge’s decision to deny the girl access to an abortion.



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