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Working Families Party congratulates Randall Woodfin on election to Mayor




By Staff
Alabama Political Reporter

The Working Families Party has congratulated Birmingham Mayor-elect Randall Woodfin on his victory Tuesday night.

“Randall Woodfin ran on the idea that the people of Birmingham have a right to demand a government that truly works for all its people, and that a city can provide opportunity and lift up those who’ve been left behind,” said Joe Dinkin, national spokesperson for the Working Families Party. “Woodfin is part of a wave of local candidates around the nation who are running on bold, transformative progressive visions and winning.”

The Working Family Party provided volunteers and support for Woodfin’s campaign, including 125 volunteers who contacted more than 22,000 voters by text and phone reminding them to get out and vote during the final week before the election.

“Today is a new day for Birmingham. We successfully ran a progressive grassroots campaign inspired by the people of Birmingham,” said Randall Woodfin. “Working Families Party has been essential in this effort. With their help, we were able to create a grassroots enthusiasm that spread throughout Birmingham and across the country.”

The Working Family Party said they were supporting Woodfin because of his support of public education, raising the minimum wage for city workers and civil rights positions.

“This is incredible. Woodfin’s campaign was about listening to every voice in our diverse city. Now we have the chance to remake Birmingham and ensure our city truly works for every community and serves every family,” said Mark Myles, a Working Families Party activist and labor organizer in Birmingham.