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GOP Steering Committee flees meeting without announcing a decision about Moore

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

The Alabama Republican Party’s Steering Committee met for three hours in a closed meeting Wednesday night at the Embassy Suites Hotel to decide the fate of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been deluged by national criticism after allegations of misconduct in the late 1970s were first published by the Washington Post.

The 21 member ALGOP steering committee slipped out of the building in the night without addressing the gathered media or releasing a statement.  Reportedly the Alabama Republican Party Steering Committee did not decertify Roy Moore as the Republican nominee.  Reportedly the Alabama Republican Party remains behind Roy Moore…for now.

The powerful Republican establishment in Washington is putting a great deal of pressure on the members to override the will of the Republican voters and jettison Roy Moore as the Senate candidate.  It is too late to replace Moore on the ballot; but by decertifying him as the candidate of the Republican Party the Secretary of State could declare the entire election null and void.  That move however would be very risky for the committee has Moore is still quite popular with many conservatives throughout the state.

Referring to allegations that Roy Moore was at one time banned from the Gadsden Mall, Senator Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, told Fox News that Moore was on a no fly list for a mall. “I’ve got a general rule, if you can’t be in a mall, you shouldn’t be in the Senate.”

Sen. Graham said that if Moore does not stand aside the Republicans could lose this election to Democrat Doug Jones.

Democrat Doug Jones is running ads targeting Republicans stating that Roy Moore is too extreme and that they should vote for him instead.

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There are two write in candidates already, Mac Watson and Ron Bishop.

Establishment Republicans in D.C. are reportedly looking for another write in candidate.  Several have suggested Sen. Luther Strange (R) but Strange has said that it would be highly unlikely that he would attempt to mount a write in campaign.

Congressman Mo Brooks, R-Huntsville, who finished third in the primary said that he still supports Roy Moore.

On Sunday, Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan warned that any candidates or Republican Party officials who endorse the Democrat or a write in candidate could find themselves barred for six years from running as a Republican again.

Lathan has promised to release a statement this week.

The special election is December 12, 2017.


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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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