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This is what voting Republican has brought us

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

Republicans in Alabama are confused.

In the race for U.S. Senate, the Republican Party’s candidate — the new face of the party who is receiving full support from the party coffers and an endorsement from the Republican president — is Roy Moore, a man with a suspect political history and who now faces credible allegations of child molestation.

That’s a bad choice.

But the only other option is a Democrat.

A guy named Doug Jones. Former federal prosecutor. Reasonable, decent man you would probably be OK roaming around a mall with. He’d go to D.C. and represent us all just fine, maybe even vote less often for bills that screw over the average Alabamian in favor of companies and vote a little more for tax breaks for average Alabamians.

Which all sounds good. But again, he’s a Democrat.

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So, mass confusion has set in.

And for some reason, everyone is pretending that this understandable. That it’s reasonable for a voter in this state to look into a TV camera and proclaim, with a disappointed look, that he’s just gonna have to sit this one out, as if he can’t decide between cousins fighting over chicken.

But you know what? That’s not reasonable.

First of all, it’s not reasonable because the Republican nominee is just plain awful.

But more importantly, it’s awful because just what in the hell has voting conservative ever done for any of you?

No, really, I want to know. Because I’ve spent a little time thinking about this as of late, and I’ve broken it down.

Here’s what voting for conservative Republicans has done for you in Alabama.

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If you’re one of the thousands of teachers, it has brought you less pay, higher insurance rates and lesser benefits.

If you’re a state trooper, it has brought you less pay, fewer fellow troopers, outdated and unsafe equipment and vehicles, and increased the areas you have to cover.

If you’re a firefighter or police officer, it has brought you decreased pay and decreases in the number of both officers and firemen, and it increased the dangers of the job through absurdly stupid gun law repeals.

If you’re a county sheriff, it has reduced your budgets, cost you equipment and manpower and stocked your jails with mentally ill inmates who have no business being in prison.

If you’re living near the poverty line and in a job that doesn’t provide health insurance, it has cost you health coverage through the expansion of Medicaid.

If you own pretty much any business, the GOP’s insane refusal to raise taxes on anyone, which has led to deplorable infrastructure, has cost you money in vehicle repair, delivery costs and subpar broadband reach.

If you have a child, it has meant consistently underfunded public schools that are often left in disrepair and lacking the technology that puts other states’ students ahead.

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If you’re a college student, it has meant unimaginable debt from costly tuition that continues to rise at state schools, where Alabama students receive no breaks from a non-existent scholarship program.

If you’re a regular ol’ working stiff, it has meant less pay, less job security, smaller retirement plans and fewer workers’ rights, thanks to the systematic demolition of unions and workers’ rights laws.

If you’re a person who might have a medical emergency, it has meant your chances of death are greatly increased because county hospitals keep closing, thanks to the legislature’s inability to expand Medicaid or establish a reasonable reimbursement plan.

If you use electricity, it means you most likely pay a higher rate because our conservative PSC has spent its time cozying up to the power companies it should be regulating.

If you enjoy fishing or hunting, it has meant the systematic destruction of our rivers, lakes and forests thanks to poor oversight and lax regulations that have allowed corporations to dump their waste and kill our wildlife.

If you suffer from mental illness or have a loved one who does, it has meant the closing of state-run mental hospitals — once the pride of the state — and turning an embarrassing blind eye to those with mental health problems.

If you buy insurance, it has meant higher rates thanks to the sweetheart deals handed out to a few companies.

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That’s what voting Republican has meant for you in this state: We’re last in everything good and first in everything bad.

There’s nothing reasonable about this choice. Forget not voting for an accused child molester.

Hell, just stop voting for the guys who are literally breaking you and killing you.


Josh Moon is an investigative reporter and featured columnist at the Alabama Political Reporter with years of political reporting experience in Alabama. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.

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