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Roy Moore’s god fails to come through

Joey Kennedy



By Joey Kennedy
Alabama Political Reporter

It turned out as it should have. Democrat Doug Jones, his honor and history intact, defeated Roy Moore.

Moore talks a lot about how God guides his campaigns. Well, God saw what was best for Alabama, and selected Jones – at least, that’s what the perspective from Moore should be.

As of this writing, Moore hadn’t even had the decency to concede the election, but whether he does nor not, Doug Jones is the next U.S. senator from Alabama. Let’s hope Moore fades from public life, once and for all.


We hope for Moore to disappear, yes we do, but we also hope for Jones to succeed. He has the ability. He has the qualifications. For many in Alabama, though, that big “D” is a problem.

But stop and think. Please. Stop and think.


Jones is no far-left liberal. Certainly he’s way right of me.

I want a one-payer health care system, like all First World, industrialized nations have.

I want a strong safety net for our poor people and older citizens. Like all First World, industrialized nations have.

I want a strong education system, like all First World, industrialized nations have.

I’m not afraid of the word “socialist.” We are socialist. Our schools, police departments, public health departments, military – they’re all socialist. It’s not a dirty word.

And neither is “liberal.” Yes, I’m a liberal, and proud to be one. I’m not a Democrat, but I’m a liberal. So get over it.

But Jones is more moderate than I am, and he’ll be a great senator. I hope he serves long, since we don’t have term limits on members of Congress (like Congress put on the president).

Jones will cross the aisle, and he’ll do what’s best for Alabama. For once, most of Alabama voted for its best interests. Yeah, it was close, but it’s a done deal today.

I loved being at the polls Tuesday. I saw so many young people waiting in line to vote. Many were voting for the first time. And many were women: white, black, Asian, Latina.

They wanted to vote for Jones, but especially wanted to vote against the decrepit Moore, a fallback to times we don’t want to revisit – times of sanctioned racism, of homophobia, of xenophobia. Too many wanted Moore and his baggage of sexual assault on teenagers, but not enough.

Thank goodness for African-American voters, who came out in huge numbers to say “NO!” to Moore and his evils.

Thank goodness for the much-maligned Millennials, who showed up to tell Moore, “No Moore.” Thank goodness for good people, men and women, who said that they wouldn’t support a candidate who believes the last time America was great was when we still had slavery. Thank goodness for goodness. Because it prevailed.

Maybe Moore should reconsider his god. Our God got it right.

Joey Kennedy, a Pulitzer Prize winner, writes a column every week for Alabama Political Reporter. Email: [email protected]