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West Alabama Republican Assembly announces endorsements

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The members of the West Alabama Chapter of the Alabama Republican Assembly (WARA) recently met with several candidates and then voted to make endorsements in several area Republican primary races.

According to WARA President Carol Hendrickson, the members voted to endorse candidates in Tuscaloosa, Fayette and Pickens counties, and could still issue additional endorsements in other local primary or runoff campaigns across West Alabama.

WARA has endorsed:
In Tuscaloosa County:

  • Probate Judge, Rob Robertson
  • Circuit Clerk, Magaria Bobo
  • Senate District 21, Gerald Allen
  • State Republican Executive Committee Place 4, Don Wallace

In Fayette County:

  • Probate Judge, Mike Freeman

In Pickens County:

  • Commissioner, District 1, Bobby Bain

The selected candidates received a minimum number of votes cast, as well as receiving a two-thirds majority of votes to receive WARA’s endorsements.

Hendrickson said that she believes the candidates chosen represent the best conservative choice for Republican voters in the respective primaries.

Additionally, Alabama Republican Assembly President, Jennifer Montrose, announced that the state organization will be meeting in Prattville on May 5 to meet with and consider endorsements of statewide, congressional and other Republican primary candidates.

President Ronald Reagan called the Republican Assemblies the “conscience of the Republican Party.”

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Written By

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



Wise and Cook are running in the GOP primary for seats on the Alabama Supreme Court on May 24, 2022.


A little-known clash in Tuscaloosa in 1964, known as Bloody Tuesday, was ground zero in the city's struggle over civil rights.


All six candidates are Republican incumbents seeking re-election to the state House and Senate.


Allen will seek the Republican nomination for Senate District 21 in the primary election on May 24, 2022.