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Ainsworth earns endorsement from Alabama Citizens for Life

State Rep. Will Ainsworth speaks after a committee meeting to reporters. (SAMUEL MATTISON/APR)

On Wednesday, Lieutenant Governor candidate Will Ainsworth, R – Guntersville, received an endorsement from the Alabama Citizens for Life, the state’s broadest and most active pro-life organization.

The Alabama Citizens for Life President and Board Director, Bill Klein and Cheryl Ciamarra, respectively, cited in the organization’s endorsement letter that Ainsworth’s “100 percent Pro-Life voting record in the Alabama Legislature” and his sponsorship of legislation promoting adoption are contributing reasons for their endorsement.

Ainsworth’s participation in pro-life rallies outside the Alabama State House and his “unwavering support of the unborn” were also praised in the organization’s letter. They offered advice to Alabama state voters in the upcoming Republican runoff election.

“Alabama Citizens for Life urges all voters in the state to vote for you for Lieutenant Governor on July 17, 2018,” according to the official letter from the organization.

Ainsworth said he is “proud and humbled” to accept the endorsement since pro-life issues are an important focus for he and his family.

“My mother, Sharon, is the director of the Real Life Crisis Pregnancy Center in Marshall County, and she uses that role to stress adoption as the proper response to unwanted pregnancies,” Ainsworth said. “She and the other workers at the Crisis Pregnancy Center have helped save the lives of countless babies, and they have provided women with the information, counseling, and resources that they need during a difficult time.”

“As a state legislator, I helped pass a constitutional amendment that will appear on the November ballot and declares Alabama to be a pro-life state so that we may stand ready to take action as soon as the abomination known as Roe v. Wade is overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court,” he continued. “If we are going to win the battle against abortion advocates and preserve the basic right to life upon which this nation was built, we must have leaders at all levels who have the courage to join the battle, the strong voices to win the debate, and the determination to keep fighting until victory is ours. I am proud that Alabama Citizens for Life has endorsed my candidacy for lieutenant governor.”

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Will Ainsworth will face PSC President Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh, R – Montgomery, in the upcoming July 17 runoff election.

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