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Opinion | Trump, Sessions and the woodshed 

Trump takes Attorney General Jeff Sessions to the woodshed every few days as his whipping post outlet over Mueller frustrations.  I have always been taught you handle family challenges around the kitchen table, but this is not the case with Trump.  His rapid-fire, nuclear tweet missiles regularly blow holes in Sessions rampart.  The culprit behind this unsettling behavior is Trump’s heart-burn over Session’s recusal from the Russian matter.  Let’s take a closer look.

Try to understand the Trump DNA first.  At the outset, I am a solid Trump supporter and will vote for his reelection.  Making quick assessments of people and temperaments has always been easy for me.  This is a self-made billionaire who carved out a living in the Big Apple by street fighting the mob, labor unions, and competitive aggressors at every juncture.  He is accustomed to crossing and uncrossing his legs and allowing experience, instincts, and impulsions to become policy in that moment.  In the Trump Companies, there is one branch of government; The Donald’s Way or the Highway.  Now he has to deal with the egos and opinions of 435 members of the House, 100 Members of Senate, and the vast U.S. Federal Judiciary, including the 9 member U.S. Supreme Court.  So the checks and balances of the Separation of Powers in our Constitution are met with the immeasurable frustration by a man who typically gets it done that day in the private sector.  In addition, Trump being new to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and understanding his background, may have misfired thinking the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) was his personal legal squad.  Not so!  One more significant point about the Trump DNA; he demands unequivocal loyalty from family and team members, but his loyalty to others is a custom designed short leash.

Let’s peak under the tent for a minute at Jeff Session, whom I have known for 29 years.  Session was a law and order U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of Alabama and then was elected as Attorney General in the State of Alabama.  As a U.S. Senator, he was, for the longest period, the lone senator who embraced Trump over their common vision for fixing the illegal immigrant epidemic.  Sessions helped the President shape the judicial appointment vetting scenario, which produced the premier list of 23 proposed Supreme Court picks.  Trump’s commitment to stick with this list is what put him over the top with the electorate, who had hit their high water mark with jurist activism.  One more thing Mr. President, Jeff left his prestigious, productive, effective, and comfortable position as U.S. Senator and put it all on the line for you.

Mr. President, remember it was after you appointed Sessions, during the Senate confirmation hearings when all of this Russia fabrication suddenly emerged.  Democrats had their playbook readily linked to the “Fairy Tale Trump Dossier,” funded by anti-Trump liberals tied to Clinton.  During the confirmation hearings the Democrats dragged Sessions over the tennis net into this Russian myth.  Legally and ethically, Sessions did the right thing to recuse himself, which was a professional and personal judgement call. Remember, Sessions recusal was before it was discovered that the Dossier was a home cooked fantasy fabrication, which was financed by Trump opposition.   Politically, if he had not recused himself, the Democrats would have flipped on the red lights and sirens.

Sessions, taking over the DOJ, needed to go right to work offensively fighting crime, attacking illegal immigration head on, and mopping up behind Holder and Lynch from the Obama administration; he instead found himself swatting flies internally.  The DOJ and the FBI had some high profile career bureaucrats who woke up every morning with Trump’s presidency in their crosshairs.  The sentiments of these activists spilled over into the “Deep State”, and from day one, Session had a termite farm unleashed on him internally.  Session reminded me of the Old Testament Prophet Nehemiah, who was waging war with a sword in one hand and rebuilding the wall with the other hand. Sessions, with a sword in one hand is waging war against criminal activity, and he is rebuilding the DOJ with the other hand. At the same time, he is trying to stand squarely in the face of the high winds from Hurricane Trump.

Briefly let’s look at two quick solutions.  Mr. President, cool your jets on Sessions. I have known Sessions much longer than you; he will get this done.  Jeff my friend, it may be time to fire Mueller, and stop the investigation that was phony from the get go, which was predicated and launched over a phony document.  Let Chuck and Nancy scream; they can continue their own investigation if they so choose.  Mr. President, you tapped the brightest and best when you tapped Jeff Sessions.  Sessions will deliver!

John spent nearly 15 years as Executive Vice President in the family business Giles Enterprises located in Montgomery Alabama. In 1989 Governor Guy Hunt appointed him as Small Business Advocate for the State of Alabama. At the age of 38 John ran as a Republican candidate for Lt. Governor in 1994 and was defeated. Governor Fob James appointed John to serve in his cabinet. In 1989, Governor James was defeated in his reelection bid and John was then appointed President of the Christian Coalition of Alabama where he served for about nine years. John’s new assignment included opposing well financed gambling forces; battling an attempt to pass a $1.2 billion tax increase on Alabama families, passing prolife legislation, passing a constitutional amendment protecting the sanctity of marriage and visibly and vocally standing with Chief Justice Roy Moore in keeping the Ten Commandants in the Alabama Judicial Building; all squeezed into his job description. In 2007, the Giles moved to quietly reside at their 40 acre tract of land they named Agnus Dei Farm. In 2009 John joined First Citizens Bank and is currently employed there. A few years ago, John picked up the hobby of beekeeping and became amazed at the natural wonder and miracle of honey and beeswax. He experimented with beeswax and natural oils and created a beeswax and honey lip butter, which launched a new cottage industry on their farm ( John married Deborah his high school sweetheart in 1972 and they had three children; from their two living children they now have 11 grandchildren with one on the way.

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John W. Giles is former President of the Christian Coalition of Alabama. He served as Small Business Advocate for the State of Alabama during Governor Guy Hunt's Administration. He was also a member of Governor Fob James Cabinet.



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