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Marshall, Ainsworth rally in Albertville with Mo Brooks

Saturday, with just ten days to go before the general election, Republican Lieutenant Governor candidate Will Ainsworth and Republican Attorney General candidate Steve Marshall attended a get out the vote rally in Albertville, with special guest Congressman Mo Brooks, R-Huntsville.

Marshall said that when he was appointed as Alabama Attorney General the critics said, “He is just a prosecutor, they can’t make me a more powerful compliment. They said, He’s a rural prosecutor from Marshall county.” “If they want to call me a prosecutor and a rural prosecutor from Marshall County, let them do it.”

Marshall was the longtime District Attorney in Marshall County. “There is nothing like coming home.”

Marshall, whose wife killed herself during the Republican primary runoff, thanked his friends for standing with him during, “The most difficult times in my life.”

Marshall thanked State Senator Clay Scofield, R-Guntersville, “I have no better friend” and state Representative David Standridge, R-Hayden, for coming to Saturday’s event. “I am a better attorney general because of my daughter,”

“The greatest opportunity you have ever given me is to let me serve you in Montgomery,” Marshall stated. “I am proud to be that conservative fighter that we need in Montgomery.”

“It has been a blessing to have a friend on the campaign trail like Will Ainsworth,” Marshall said. “As we have gone around the state, the one thing I knew is who he was, and he knew who I was despite of some of the things that have been written. He has a vision and a passion for the state of Alabama. We are on the cusp of doing some remarkable things in Alabama.

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“Aren’t we honored to have the best Attorney General in the nation,” Ainsworth said.

Ainsworth said of Marshall, “The only people in Marshall County who didn’t vote for him are people he put in jail or put their family members in jail.”

“If it wasn’t for the people of North Alabama and the turnout I would not be here talking today,” Ainsworth said. “We did really well from Birmingham north.”

“I have a passion for education,” Ainsworth state. “I want the children of Alabama to have the same opportunities that children in other places have.” Ainsworth cited technology, workforce development, and charter schools.

“I am honored to be the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor,” Ainsworth said. “It is my honor to be introducing the hardest working conservative fighter in the Congress. This is not his district, its Aderholt’s; but when he found out what we were doing here he insisted on coming over.”

Congressman Mo Brooks said that it is important to vote for every candidate on the Republican ticket. “These city and county races are important not just for the city and county, but they are important for the whole country. These state races are important not just for the state of Alabama, but they are important for the whole country. Our views are under assault by the party that used to share our views but no longer does because is has been taken over by socialist radicals.”

Brooks said that the national debt is the biggest security threat that we face as a nation and warned that the budget deficit has soared to $776 billion. “We can not get the Democrats to agree with us on any meaningful cuts in spending.”

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“Socialism is management from the top,” Rep. Brooks said. “Free enterprise works. Liberty has given us the things that we enjoy.”

“Socialism is what they have in Cuba and Venezuela where 90 percent of the people barely have enough to eat and are struggling to live while the elites are doing well,” Brooks said.

“They believe in open borders,” Congressman Brooks said. “They believe in cancelling your vote. Democrat controlled cities have made it legal for illegal aliens to vote in their municipal election.”

Democrat controlled cities led by San Francisco have given illegal aliens the right to vote in their municipal elections Brooks said. “They want to do that nationally. The only people who are opposed to that march from central America is Republicans.”

“They have a political agenda and that is to strip you of your voting power by giving the vote to illegal aliens,” Brooks said of Democrats. “Illegal aliens cost Americans taxpayers $136 billion,” Brooks said. “They pay $20 billion in taxes consume for a net cost $116 billion. There are economic reasons why we can not be the planet’s welcome center.”

“Remember that every Republican candidate here is doing what they do for love of country,” Brooks said. “Support these fine candidates we have in the Tennessee Valley and particularly Will and Steve and every Republican candidate from the top of the ticket to the bottom of the ticket.”

Marshall faces Joseph Siegelman (D) in the general election. Ainsworth faces Muscle Shoals area pastor Dr. Will Boyd (D). Congressman Mo Brooks is being challenged for the Fifth Congressional District by former Huntsville Attorney Peter Joffrion (D).

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The general election will be on Tuesday, November 6. Polls open at 7:00 am and close at 7;00 pm. You must be a registered voter to participate and you must bring a valid voter ID.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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