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Gun season for deer begins Saturday


November begins the heart of the annual hunting season in Alabama. The most popular species to hunt in Alabama is the whitetail deer and the state opens hunting season for deer on Saturday, November 17.

Remember to be safe while hunting this fall and always wear a safety harness from an elevated position. Numerous accidents occur when hunters fall out of their tree stands. Remember that hunters are required to report all deer and turkeys harvested through Alabama’s Game Check system. Hunters will have 48 hours to report their harvest through the OA mobile app or online at:

To legally hunt in Alabama you must have a valid Alabama Hunting license. To hunt on a state Wildlife Management Area (WMA) you must also have a WMA license. To get properly licensed go to:

Gun Season for deer is from November 17 to February 10 this year.
The deer hunting industry results in $1.8 billion in annual revenues for the state of Alabama.

“Not only is deer hunting in Alabama a $1 billion industry, more importantly it is an integral part of the lifestyle and heritage of many residents and non-residents who enjoy our abundant natural resources,” Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Chris Blankenship said.

Hunting and fishing is a $2.6 billion a year industry in Alabama, and Alabama is seventh in the nation on money spent for hunting and other recreational activities. Unfortunately, only four percent of Alabama residents have a hunting license. The average hunter spends $1,648 a year on the sport, and a portion of those dollars is devoted to conservation.

The state of Alabama is world-renowned for its numerous sporting opportunities. Our state boasts the highest deer population density in the country, as well as plentiful turkeys, doves, squirrels, geese, quail, hogs, coyote, rabbits, alligators and other game species, plus freshwater and saltwater fishing.

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Remember that you can hunt hogs, coyotes, opossum, foxes, beaver, nutria, groundhog, starlings, crows, English sparrows, bullfrogs, pig frogs, and raccoons year round in Alabama.

Alabama also allows year round hunting of bobcats; but note though that all bobcat and otters in Alabama, regardless of method of harvest, are required to be tagged by a representative of the Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division within 14 days of harvest or may be left with a taxidermist with a completed tagging form, and the taxidermist is required to have the bobcat or otter tagged within 14 days of receipt.

Also be aware that night time hunting of hog season with dogs (no guns allowed) ended on August 31 and won’t begin again until May 1.

Archery season for deer began on October 15. Alabama also allows spear hunting for deer.

You can not hunt bear, mountain lion, or ruffed grouse in Alabama at any time of the year.

For more information on hunting regulations consult the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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