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Ivey awards nonprofit grant to help immigrant victims of domestic violence

Mikayla Burns



Adam Brasher

Gov. Kay Ivey approved a $47,792 grant to AshaKiran to help the nonprofit continue to help Alabama residents who escaped domestic violence in other countries.

AshaKiran works to help victims of domestic violence in Alabama, specifically those who have immigrated to Alabama to escape those circumstances.

The organization was formed in 2006 and offers culturally specific services to those it helps because immigrants are shown to not accept many services due to language barriers. AshaKiran has expanded from originally helping South Asian ethnic groups to now immigrants from China, Africa, South America and Europe.

“Victims of domestic violence deserve caring and professional assistance, regardless of their background,” Ivey said. “I commend AshaKiran for its efforts to make resources available to those who may not traditionally utilize social services due to cultural or language barriers.”

The grant will help the organization continue its works with the culturally specific services, as well as the crisis hotline offered at all times.

“Gov. Ivey and I commend the work being done by organizations like AshaKiran that provide a vital part of the recovery process for those who have suffered abuse,” said ADECA Director Kenneth Boswell. “The services offered by AshaKiran help bridge cultural or language barriers and provide victims with access to these important services.”

Events within the community are also offered by AshaKiran, as well as working with Alabama domestic violence shelters to better the language and cultural services to help assist those the shelters are serving.


The grants were made available by the United States Justice Department and are given to AshaKiran by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs.






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