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Opinion | Gov. Ivey has earned our support

Gov. Kay Ivey has earned an A+ on her Rebuild Alabama’s Infrastructure Plan. She has outstandingly accomplished her homework and her research. I want to respectfully ask all Alabamians to support the plan.

I voted for Ivey so that she would have the opportunity to tackle the state’s toughest issues. Shortly after Ivey made history, becoming the first Republican woman elected governor, she directed her staff to begin working on plans for the infrastructure, roads, bridges, ports and state docks.

She made her directive very clear to all, concerning the importance and the urgency of these issues and her state’s top mission. Most importantly, she advised her strongest supporters that her plan will be anchored by core values, honesty, integrity, trust, accountability and responsibility to which will allow her to make prudent decisions. But most paramount, she stated that her ultimate goal is to do what is best for the state of Alabama.

Ivey set the bar at the highest levels. For example, to garner trust from the public, she stated that she will utilize multiple most reliable sources of information, including statistical data, correct facts and truthful supporting documentation, graphs and charts from the subject matter experts. She just released data from structural engineers from all of Alabama’s 67 counties.

Ivey had previously asked to be briefed on the positive and negative impact statements concerning the infrastructure. From the Association of County Commissions of Alabama, “The Cost of Doing Nothing,” is an outstanding report that provides transparency and clarity for the citizenry to review.

Ivey asked and received from her staff, the most reliable data from top economists, issue metrics, financial estimates and statistical analyses, process measurement baselines, along with sliding scales to phase in her plan.

She has also directed the Alabama Department of Revenue to stand ready to compare the National Highway Construction Cost Index for tentative adjustments.

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According to the Alabama Transportation Institute, the Ivey plan increase will cost the average driver, per year, only an additional $55 or an additional $4.58 per month.

The governor — as a fiduciary, fiscal steward and as the state’s chief executive — has committed to and directed staff and legislative leaders to ensure that financial accountability safeguards will be put in place. All legislation bills and language will lock in dollars upon receipt and will be utilized and disbursed only to the agency or agencies that have ultimate responsibility for the infrastructure, roads, bridges, ports and state docks.

Further, dollars will be audited and reported annually with mandatory itemization of specific projects through the Joint Transportation Committee.

Ivey is going to end the annual diversions of money from infrastructure funds to pay for financial shortfalls in the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

Leading the charge within the Legislature are Speaker Mac McCutcheon, Senate President Pro Tempore Dell Marsh, State Rep. Bill Poole, who will file the Infrastructure Bill in the House, and my good friend Sen. Clyde Chambliss will provide leadership for the Infrastructure Plan within in the Senate.

At this juncture, Ivey has gained the support from mayors of five of the largest cities in Alabama. Along with the Business Council of Alabama, the Alabama League of Municipalities and the Alabama Farmers Federation and the list is growing daily.

I want to respectfully ask and encourage some of the detractors to Ivey’s Infrastructure Plan, to join us in supporting the plan. We still love you. Let’s get the legislation passed. We can go to lunch and dinner later.

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Our governor has been working on this constantly since the day after her gubernatorial election victory. She directed her staff and others to carry out of her plan of action to meet the ultimate goal and mission of doing what best for the state of Alabama.

Every day, she continues to make us proud and she has and she continues to listen to the public, to which has allowed her to produce an outstanding and awesome Rebuilding Alabama’s Infrastructure Plan.

What we are witnessing from Ivey is outstanding leadership and highly exceptional management. We elected her to handle the most difficult tasks facing our state. By the way, we must face the facts. We trust no one else but her to be in charge of leading our state.

We want the ball in her hands during the basketball game, to take the last shot with two seconds remaining on the clock. Ultimately, we want her to win the game for the state of Alabama.

Let’s all stand firmly behind her to gain passage of her infrastructure plan. Remember, there are other tough issues on her plate that must gain passage in the Legislature. Ask yourselves, do you love your country and your state? If your answer is yes, then it is very easy to support our governor.

Remember that Ivey’s plan is also tied monetary-wise to the National and Federal Plan. President Donald Trump has announced that our country’s infrastructure is a top priority. Sen. Richard Shelby is keeping a watchful eye on the infrastructure issue, and he is ensuring that our state receives its fair share of dollars.

I spoke to Trump’s Alabama Campaign Chairman, Perry Hopper, Jr. on the radio this week, and he has advised that our president is very much interested in Alabama’s infrastructure. According to Hopper, we are talking about millions of tentative matching dollars that we must capture before they go to other southern states. Hopper advised the listening audience that we can’t leave money on the table for others to scoop up.

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In closing, I believe that there may be some other little girls or little boys over in Camden or other Alabama towns that may have the same core values and the beliefs of God, Country and Family, as Ivey does. Just think how great and how easy life would be if we had more people like her.

Glenn Henry is retired from the U.S. Air Force. He has been a high school teacher and university adjunct professor. He has earned numerous Cisco IT certifications. He is a Certified Professional Ethical Hacker. He lives in Montgomery with his wife Teresa.


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