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Sen. Andrew Jones pre-files prescription opioids patient education bill

State Sen. Andrew Jones, R-Centre, is working to establish an opioid education system for patients prescribed the drug through a bill he pre-filed on March 4, 2019.

“The Alabama fourth Congressional District, which includes a majority of my State Senate district, had the highest rate of opioid abuse in the nation, coming in at a staggering 166 prescriptions per 100 people, according to a Harvard University study based on 2016 prescription numbers,” Jones said.

Jones has seen many patients prescribed opioids become addicted, stating that they initially need them for serious medical reasons but fall victim to the disease unconsciously. He wants this bill to help patients be educated on how to use the drugs in order to prevent more addiction cases with prescribed opioids.

“The bill will increase patient awareness and empower patients to explore alternatives through a conversation with their doctor,” Jones said.

Through the bill, patients could be informed about the risks of addiction and overdose, the reason for a required prescription, other treatments available and more.


Mikayla Burns
Written By

Mikayla Burns is an intern at the Alabama Political Reporter.



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