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Moore’s defense team releases information bringing Leigh Corfman’s character into question

Brandon Moseley



Roy Moore speaks to reporters and supporters

Roy Moore attorney Melissa Isaak and the Moore legal defense team fought back against the perception that Moore is attacking Leigh Corfman’s character.

The Moore defense team argues that instead, Moore is simply relating testimony taken under oath of Corfman’s former attorney and lifelong friend Eddie Sexton, and of Sexton’s client, Gary Lantrip.

The Moore defense team released some excerpts from depositions to the press including:

According to Lantrip: “When Eddie [Sexton] said he was going to drop her, he said she’s (F’d expletive) everybody in Gadsden, including himself, and that her dad was a doctor and they used to throw sex parties when she was young so she was put in with that as a young girl, and he’s known her whole life.” (Lantrip deposition, p. 110)

When Sexton was asked under oath if he had, in fact, made the above statement, he answered:

“I don’t know if that is exactly what I said. I probably did. I mean, I probably did tell him that I had sex with her.” (Sexton deposition, p. 113)

When asked about sex parties being thrown when Corfman was young, Sexton stated: “I don’t know — I don’t know about young. I said that I had heard that, too. I mean, I probably did tell him that.” (Sexton deposition, p. 118)


Sexton was subsequently asked, who he had heard that from, and he replied; “I don’t know. Probably people at the Country Club, kinda sorta. Like it would have been kids. I don’t know nothing. I doubt that it would have been somebody that would have claimed to be there.” (Sexton deposition p 119)


When asked if he thought any of his comments, as related by Lantrip, were “disparaging” of Leigh Corfman, Sexton replied: “I think they could be, yeah.” (Sexton Deposition, pp. 119-20)

The Moore legal defense team argues that the person disparaging Leigh Corfman is her former attorney who has “known her, her whole life!”

The Moore defense team claims that “Judge Moore has simply been defending himself against Corfman’s false and malicious allegations. The truth should be told!”

Isaak and the Moore defense team has released only excerpts to the press; not the whole transcripts of these depositions.

Leigh Corfman sued Roy Moore for defamation of character after Moore denied allegations that she and Moore had an illicit encounter in the seventies when she was just 15 and he was an Etowah County District Attorney. The allegation, which was backed by claims by women that they had dated Moore when they were teens, narrowly derailed former Chief Justice Moore’s bid for U.S. Senate in 2017; after the tales were published by the Washington Post. Moore has countersued Corfman, as well as his other accusers.

Moore has hinted that he may be considering challenging Senator Doug Jones (D-Alabama) next year.




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