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Brooks: Fallout from Mueller report will hurt Democrats in the 2020 elections

Congressman Mo Brooks

U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Huntsville, joined One America News Network to discuss the fallout from Special Counsel Robert Mueller report that found no evidence of collusion between the Trump 2016 campaign Russian intelligence agencies.

Brooks explained this view that “Socialist Democrat and fake news media’s” Russian/Trump collusion was a “Big Lie.” Brooks explained his theory that the “Socialist Democrats” have relied on a “Big Lie” propaganda tactic for over two years and speculated that that will likely hurt Democrats reputations and electability in the 2020 elections.

Jennifer Franco asked: “So, the results [of the Mueller Report] have certainly seemed to have emboldened the president. We saw him on Capitol Hill yesterday joining Republican Senators. Now, it seems to be a different story though on the Democrat side of the aisle. Democrat leaders are trying to move away and focus on policy issues. Then, we have some far-left House members still calling for impeachment. Do you think this division in the Democrat party is going to help the president’s reelection bid?”

Congressman Brooks replied, “Well certainly, the fact that the Democrats have relied on a “Big Lie” propaganda tactic over two years ought to adversely affect their reputations and electability in the 2020 elections. So, it ought to help the House of Representatives go back to Republicans. It ought to strengthen our hand in the United States Senate. And, it also ought to help President Trump get reelected. The general public, by and large, should not want to have people who engage in lying to this degree as the Socialist Democrats have done for so long.”

Miss Franco said the Mueller report will go to Congress first before the President has had a change to review it for executive privilege. What is your take on executive privilege? Do you still think that the report should be made public?

“I am in favor of releasing the entire report,” Brooks said. “However there are probably parts of it that are subject to executive privilege; and there are other parts of it you don’t disclose because of other factors such as traditionally grand jury proceedings are considered to be secret. We need to remain patient as the legal process weighs in on it on what can be lawfully disclosed and what can not.”

Franco asked if Adam Schiff should be removed as the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

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“I really don’t have an opinion on whether Adam Schiff be Chair of the Intelligence Committee or not,” Brooks replied. “We might get someone who is more of a socialist Democrat, as incredible as that may be, than Adam Schiff.”

Franco asked Brooks if the Democrats are going to move away from opposing the border wall.

“It is quite clear to me that Democrats see open borders as a long term political strategy.” Brooks said. “Even though 30,000 Americans die each year because of our porous southern border.”

Congressman Mo Brooks represents Alabama’s Fifth Congressional District. To see the interview in its entirety:

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



Congresswoman Sewell is the only Alabama lawmaker to receive the award. 

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