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Opinion | One voice can create a ripple

Think about being 18 and having to fight in a war you had no say in because you were too young to vote. Think about not being able to have a say in government because of your skin color or sex. Voting is a fundamental right, but it has not always been that way. People fought relentlessly for the voting rights we have today. Now all citizens 18 years or older can vote. All of these battles were fought because ordinary people wanted their voices to be heard. We should celebrate these accomplishments.

Why do people choose not to vote? Maybe it is because people think their vote doesn’t make much of a difference. Every voice counts. Every vote counts. Having a negative voting mentality spreads like a wildfire. After a while, there’s a whole group of people who could have been making a difference but believe that their voice does not create enough change.

Voting is a way of expressing your opinion. It ensures that the citizens get to choose who represents them. It gives them a voice in where they think our government should be spending its money and what social issues it should be fighting for. Mostly, it helps create policies that benefit citizens. If there are groups of people not voting, then how will we know if we are creating the best government to benefit everyone?

Becoming a positive voting voice. Share the importance of voting with friends and family. Share websites where you can find information on each candidate. This will help people become more informed. Become the one who gives your friends rides to the polls. This makes going out to vote a fun outing rather than a hassle. Make voting fun. Then this mentality will spread and more people will adopt this attitude. This will create groups of voters that would normally not exist. One voice can create a ripple that spreads change.


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