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Alabama ranks 49th nationally in employment for workers with disabilities

Alabama workers with disabilities are leaving jobs in the state, but nationally, workers with disabilities started working at 111,804 jobs.

According to the 2018 Annual Disability Statistics Compendium, Alabama has 418,429 workers with disabilities, ages 18 to 64. However, only 112,030 are employed.

From last year, 3,769 people with disabilities left the workforce, and the state is ranked 49 out of 50 for employment for those with disabilities, according to RespectAbility.

“Our nation was founded on the principle that anyone who works hard should be able to get ahead in life,” said Hon. Steve Bartlett, current Chairman of RespectAbility, who co-authored the Americans with Disabilities Act when he was in Congress. “People with disabilities deserve the opportunity to earn an income and achieve independence, just like anyone else.”

“Alabamians with disabilities continue to make significant contributions to the economy of this state,” Ivey said in a proclamation in October to support the National Disability Employment Awareness Month. “The support and cooperation of all people are needed to reduce the attitudinal and physical barriers that hinder full acceptance of people with disabilities and their rightful place in employment.”


Mikayla Burns is an intern at the Alabama Political Reporter.



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