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Merrill appoints Clay Helms as the director of elections

Brandon Moseley



The Alabama Secretary of State’s Office announced Friday that Clay Helms has been officially appointed as the director of elections.

The office said that as director, Helms will continue his work with county election officials to ensure Alabama’s elections are free and fair.

The secretary of state’s office said that under Secretary John Merrill’s direction, Helms has managed the team that is responsible for breaking every record for voter registration and voter participation in Alabama’s last two election cycles.

“Clay Helms has worked tirelessly over the last six and half years to modernize antiquated systems, solve problems, and leads the team that has helped ensure it is easy to vote but hard to cheat,” Merrill said. “I am excited to continue to work with Clay to change the paradigm for elections in the State of Alabama.”

Prior to becoming director of elections, Helms served as supervisor of voter registration.

“You must believe in who you work for and the goals you work towards,” Helms said. “It is an understatement to say that I am honored to serve under and be promoted by Secretary Merrill. I am excited to assist him in reaching new heights for the State of Alabama.”




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