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A list of Poarch Creek’s donations ahead of lottery vote


A paper-only lottery bill will be debated on the floor of the House on Tuesday.

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians have opposed legislation that would allow others to compete with their gaming operation in the state.

The measure before the House is Senate Bill 220 sponsored by State Sen. Greg Albritton, R-Atmore. The bill is carried in the House by State Rep. Steve Clouse, R-Ozark.

“This rabbit hole is getting deeper every minute. I have always have and still do oppose a state lottery,” said former conservative Senate Republican lawmaker Dick Brewbaker of the senate bill. “This bill gives us the worst of both worlds — a non-competitive ‘paper lottery’ and hands PCI a tax-free windfall on all the profitable lottery games. Wake up!!!”

It is widely believed that the Poarch Creeks have influenced the lottery bill’s process.

The following is a list of lawmakers who have taken campaign contributions from the Tribe ahead of Tuesday’s vote.

Donations from the Poarch Creek Band of Indians to Alabama House members:

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  • Rep. Louise Alexander (D-56) $5,000
  • Rep. Adline Clarke (D-97) $1,500
  • Rep. Alan Baker (R-66) $5,000
  • Rep. Mike Ball (R-10) $6,000
  • Rep. Chris Blackshear (R-80) $3,000
  • Rep. Barbara Boyd (D-32) $2,000
  • Rep. Napolean Bracy (D-98) $5,000
  • Rep. Chip Brown (R-105) $7,500
  • Rep. Prince Chestnut (D-67) $2,500
  • Rep. Danny Crawford (R-5) $7,500
  • Rep. Steve Clouse (R-93) $5,000
  • Rep. Anthony Daniels (D-53) $5,250
  • Rep. Dickie Drake (R-45) $2,500
  • Rep. Barbara Drummond (D-103) $2,500
  • Rep. Brett Easterbrook (R-65) $2,500
  • Rep. David Faulkner (R-46) $2,500
  • Rep. Victor Gaston (R-100) $2,500
  • Rep. Tommy Hanes (R-23) $2,500
  • Rep. Jim Hill (R-50) $2,500
  • Rep. Thomas Jackson (D-68) $2,000
  • Rep. Ron Johnson (R-33) $3,500
  • Rep. Sam Jones (D-99) $2,500
  • Rep. Wes Kitchens (R-27) $2,500
  • Rep. Kelvin Lawrence (D-69) $2,500
  • Rep. Nathaniel Ledbetter (R-24) $5,000
  • Rep. Craig Lipscomb (R-30) $2,500
  • Rep. Joe Lovvorn (R-79) $5,000
  • Rep. James Martin (R-42) $10,000
  • Rep. Thad McClammy (D-76) $2,500
  • Rep. Mac McCutcheon (R-25) $40,000
  • Rep. Parker Moore (R-4) $5,000
  • Rep. Chris Pringle (R-101) $2,500
  • Rep. Neil Rafferty (D-54) $3,500
  • Rep. Kerry Rich (R-26) $3,500
  • Rep. Chris Sells (R-90) $6,000
  • Rep. Howard Sanderford (R-20) $2,500
  • Rep. Rod Scott (D-55) $2,500
  • Rep. Ginny Shaver (R-39) $5,000
  • Rep. Harry Shiver (R-64) $3,500
  • Rep. Matt Simpson (R-96) $7,500
  • Rep. Kyle South (R-16) $2,500
  • Rep. Shane Stringer (R-102) $5,000
  • Rep. Rodney Sullivan (R-61) $1,000
  • Rep. David Wheeler (R-47) $3,500
  • Rep. Ritchie Whorton (R-22) $2,500
  • Rep. Margie Wilcox (R-104) $2,500
  • Rep. Debbie Wood (R-38) $10,000
  • Rep. Randy Wood (R-36) $3,500

Total: $222,750

Donations by the PCI to Alabama Senators who voted yes on SB220:

  • Sen. Greg Albritton (R) $65,000
  • Sen. Will Barfoot (R) $45,000
  • Sen. Chris Elliot (R) $27,500
  • Sen. Garlan Gudger (R) $25,000
  • Sen. Andrew Jones (R) $10,000
  • Sen. Steve Livingston (R) $10,000
  • Sen. Del Marsh (R) $30,000
  • Sen. Tim Melson (R) $25,000
  • Sen. Randy Price (R) $12,500
  • Sen. David Sessions (R) $35,000
  • Sen. Shay Shelnutt (R) $5,000
  • Sen. J.T. “Jabo” Waggoner Jr. (R) $7,500
  • Sen. Cam Ward (R) $2,500
  • Sen. Tom Whatley (R) $60,000
  • Sen. Jack Williams (R) $10,000

Senators who have also taken money from the PCI but voted no or present on SB220.

  • Sen. Billy Beasley (D) $10,000 – No
  • Sen. David Burkette (D) $5,000 – No
  • Sen. Vivian Figures (D) $15,000 – No
  • Sen. Jimmy Holley (R) $2,500 – Present
  • Sen. Arthur Orr (R) $5,000 – No
  • Sen. Larry Stutts (R) $25,000 – No

Total: $432,500

Bill Britt is editor-in-chief at the Alabama Political Reporter and host of The Voice of Alabama Politics. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.

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