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Merrill expands online business filing to include domestic, foreign limited liability partnerships

Secretary of State John Merrill (VIA SECRETARY OF STATE'S OFFICE)

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill expanded online business filing services to include domestic and foreign limited liability partnerships on Monday.

“The online service is offered statewide and is designed to eliminate the red tape that too often slows down business development in our state,” Merrill said. “Now, Alabamians can register or update their business from the comfort of their home or office.”

Merrill took office in January 2015, at which time forming corporations online had limited access. Merrill said making accessibility for Alabamians is one of his priorities. Now, online filing tools include formations of LLCs, for-profit corporations and trademarks.

“I am proud to have modernized the business filing process for Alabamians and will continue my commitment to boosting Alabama’s economy and small businesses,” Merrill said.


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The Alabama section shows the information on 3,631,862 registered voters and includes home addresses.


Greater Birmingham Ministries filed the suit, claiming the Secretary of State's Office refused to release the information without charging "exorbitant fees."


Secretary of State John Merrill supports the bill, which would allow qualified voters to vote absentee without an excuse.


"We firmly believe the authority to legislate and regulate these changes should be left with the states," the secretaries wrote.