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Civic Engagement Summit to be held in Birmingham

Evan Mealins



The national leadership development program Young People For is holding a Civic Engagement Summit in Birmingham from August 30 to September 1 to focus on how young people can make a difference through participating in elections. At the summit, the group will set a “collective 2030 vision” for access to voting and the court system.

Young People For, which is often shortened to YP4, is partnering with the local organization Woke Vote which seeks to mobilize historically disengaged voters of color. 

YP4 says over 150 young, diverse leaders in all industries including black, brown, indigenous, disabled, rural, low-income, and LGBTQ leaders will gather in the Hilton Garden Inn for the three day summit. Through workshops, keynote speeches and strategy sessions, the summit will show how participation in the 2020 election and census is the vital first step to achieve the collective vision for 2030.

YP4 is a national long-term leadership development program for college-aged people that aims to identify, engage and empower young people who are typically left out of opportunity through social justice leadership training and community building.

Woke Vote was created by Birmingham native DeJuana Thompson and was recognized as an important player in turning out black voters in Alabama’s 2017 Senate special election.




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